[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 12: Guaranteed Delivery (Submissions CLOSED, winner announced!)

United Delivery Service, 2020

The year is 2020- a group of executives are sitting around a table, discussing replacements for their outdated, polluting fleet of delivery vehicles. The united consensus was to replace the existing fleet with an all new lineup of electric delivery vehicles. They prioritized wanting something with good utility, practicality, and value- which led them to opening a contract for a new vehicle…

And that’s where you come in. The UDS is looking to you to build a brand-new, all electric delivery vehicle, that will be on the road for years to come. It needs to prioritize utility and practicality- as it’ll be carrying a large amount of packages, some of which may be fragile, which is why safety is an important consideration. Most of all, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vehicles themselves can’t be too expensive, so whatever you come up with must be cost-effective, and worth whatever the unit price is.




  1. This new vehicle will be driving in multiple different environments, through every season, and every condition imaginable. It needs to be comfortable and reliable enough to be usable in these conditions. Roads also vary in quality, which may deteriorate the condition of the car, so environmental resistance is also an important consideration.

  2. The vehicle needs to correspond with US automotive standards.

  3. It must look as if it’s electric.


  • 2020 trim/variant year.
  • Van bodies only.
  • No less than 2 seats.
  • Maximum engine and trim ET of 120.
  • Hard price limit of $35,000. Lower is preferred, but remember value is key here.
  • Design and engineering realism.
  • Minimum 25 offroad score.
  • No V8, V10, V12, or V16. While engine choice is relatively pointless here, I want to avoid any unnecessary minmaxing.
  • 98RON maximum.
  • Minimum 1500L cargo volume.


:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

  • Utility/Practicality
  • Safety
  • Environmental Resistance
  • Reliability
  • Value

:star: :star: :star: :star:

  • Comfort
  • Drivability
  • Overall Realism

:star: :star: :star:

  • Service Costs
  • Styling


  • As this is my first time hosting, I will give everyone until Friday, November 20th, 11:59pm PST to ask any questions and bring up any concerns with the ruleset or judging. After that point, the rules will be locked in.

  • After that, submissions will open on Saturday, November 21st, 12:00pm PST, and will remain open until Sunday, December 6th, 11:59pm PST.

  • After you submit, I’ll review your car and confirm that you’ve fit all of the outlined rules and considerations. If you don’t meet the rules, you will have an unlimited amount of resubmissions until submissions close to get your submission within the ruleset.

  • I’m on LCV4.1 (Open Beta), but I will accept submissions from the stable version of the game.

Use the following naming scheme for your submissions;

  • Engine Family/Car Name- PDC12- [username]
  • Engine Variant/Car Trim- whatever you’d like

Submit your vehicle’s .car file to me through a DIscourse PM. After you’ve submitted to me, please make an ad here on the thread. Good luck with your vehicles, and I can’t wait to see your submissions!

EDIT: It was pointed out to me that the range portion of judging may be a point of contention, that being the case I’ve chosen to remove it, and will assume that all submissions have a similar range. I’ve also removed prestige, sportiness and footprint from the judging considerations as well.

EDIT 2: I’ve added in an engine/fuel restriction rule to avoid any unnecessary minmax. I’ve also added a minimum offroad score (which was a calculated average based off of a few test builds.) I’ve also reduced the price limit and ET limit.

EDIT 3: I’ve now added in a minimum cargo capacity requirement.

EDIT 4: The rules are now locked in for the competition.

EDIT 5: I’ve extended the due date by 5 days to allow for more submissions.


Regarding the engine side, is there any restriction on fuel choice? Should we be using a specific type, or do we have free reign to minmax and use ultimate?

Yes, I’ll add a restriction limiting people to 98RON.

What’s the target for the payload?

Good question, I’m not at my PC at the moment but I’ll look tomorrow at my test beds and cross-reference it with real life delivery vehicles, and I should have a guideline for that then.

Any minimum cargo volume requirements?

I’ve just added a requirement for that, you might need to refresh to see the updated ruleset.

wow I’m late whoops

The rules are now locked in for the challenge, and submissions open in 10.5 hours.

Submissions are open now!


what do you mean with US automotive standards? does that mean like side-marker lights and everything or just that it needs to have enough safety to be sold in the US (gasmea)?

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By US automotive standards I mean side marker lights, rear reflectors, etc etc.

any specific paintjob youre looking for, or can it be virtually anything?

Nope, paint it whatever you’d like :smile:

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Is there any way in the discourse to know what is required to be US legal?

I couldn’t find any specific guidelines, so I’ll just list a few things out for the sake of the challenge;

  • rear red reflectors
  • side markers
  • head/taillights (obviously)
  • mirrors
  • parking sensors
    If you have all/most of those things, it’ll be fine.

Aren’t windscreen wipers, (3) brake lights, reverse light(s) and (rear) fog light(s) also mandatory? At least here in Europe they are.

And don’t forget license plate(s)!

And don’t forget wheels… Come on, much of this is simply common sense and things required probably everywhere. Looking at it from an European perspective - side markers, amber front position lights, rear reflectors (can’t those be built into the taillights?) and that’s about it for US specific things AFAIK.

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I don’t think rear fog lights are required, the rest of those are though.

And yes, I know most of it is common sense and I’m acutely aware everyone else does as well. It’s part of the challenge, but considering most people include these already, I won’t be directly bringing it up in my judgements. I mention it more as a reminder, rather than an outright guideline.

Interesting then that half of the entrants in the challenges I have entered usually forget at least a few things from those lists. I mean yeah, it is simple stuff, but it doesn’t hurt to have a complete list of regular mandatory items. And giving a list probably works better without sarcastic remarks.

Don’t know how it is in the US, but here they are only mandatory from certain exterior dimensions and up (2,1m width for the front markers and 6m length for the side markers).