[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 15: Super Rental!

Dalluha has massive oil reserves and low taxes- bringing thousands of well-off businessmen to the major cities across the country. The prestige market is massive in modern day Dalluha, with every expat, sheikh, and Dalluhan prince driving an upmarket GT or MR supercar- the nonexistent taxes, easy to acquire loans, and massive used supercar market mean that prestige car brands are more common here than they are anywhere else in the world.

The year is 2021.


Theodore Mahoney haphazardly stumbled out of a Hookah Lounge in downtown Basara. After hours of grueling conversation in a quiet backroom of the lounge, he had finally gotten drilling rights for a wide tract of land in the northeast corner of the country, but the costs he had accrued trying to get the connection for the land were higher than he had bargained for. After years of fighting off IRS agents and railroad commission professionals in southern Gasmea, he had come to Dalluha as a respite from those (already fairly low) taxes. While his tax escape was successful, he hadn’t bargained on the difficulties of getting his hands on local land rights. He wanted to get to work on drilling as soon as possible, but in a foolish blunder, he had only begun negotiating for oil rights after he arrived in Dalluha. As well off as he was, he knew that he was going to need a different line of income if he was going to stick around Dalluha long enough to see his rigs get built. He couldn’t afford to waste any more months negotiating contracts either- he needed to start his own damn business.

Cruising around town in his Di Inferi, he found himself on a road closed in on both sides by massive rental companies, all renting out an assortment of high-end vehicles. Naturally, the prevalence of high-end cars was something he had noticed - even his Torrero was overshadowed by the lavish vehicles driven by the Dalluhan princes he had spent the past six months negotiating with. What he had not considered were the people like himself- Gasmean and Fruinian expats looking for a quick buck and staying in the country temporarily. Naturally, he thought to himself, these guys were gonna want to fit in to the “local culture”- if they wanted to be taken seriously, they couldn’t pull up in a beat-up family sedan. Right before the turn at the end of the road, he noticed a smaller lot with a giant “for sale” sign posted out front, as well as some sand-blown mid-2000s luxury cars and a half-collapsed glass showroom. No wonder this place failed- they were hopelessly out of date compared to the other rental lots.

He had a thought though- he was fairly well off but running supercar rentals could keep his costs down while he was waiting for his oil facilities to be built. He called his accountant and after a brief conversation came up with an overall budget of $3,500,000. The lot was for sale for $1,000,000, and refurbishments were going to cost around $580,000, so his supercar budget was $1,920,000 overall. 15 cars sounded about right, 5 each from 3 different brands- leaving a budget of $640,000 per brand. He thought about buying used for a while, but ultimately decided against it- the previous rental agency had failed because they bought outdated vehicles, and if he was going to stand out against his competition, he needed some brand-new cars. He made the arrangements to purchase the lot and got in contact with a business associate of his that was active in automotive circles with the hope of getting in touch with some brands directly.

TLDR: Guy wants to run a supercar rental agency. Build a supercar that he can rent out to rich guys visiting the Dalluhan capitol.


-Engine and Trim year set to 2020
-Max Engine ET 250
-Max Trim ET 210
-Super Unleaded Fuel only (98 RON)
-At least two full size seats (not +2)
-Must have Catalytic Converter
-Must have at least one Muffler
-Total budget for five cars is Ꝑ640,000, so hard cap of Ꝑ130k per car. If the car is cheaper and Theodore can
buy more than five, then great.
-No obvious min-maxing, and no quality slider shenanigans. Keep quality sliders ±7 or less.
-No bodies with broken stats (i.e. ProtoCPP)



Sportiness: These are supercars, and they should perform like supercars. Rich guys renting these cars will be disappointed if they aren’t as fast as they look.

Prestige: These need to be fancy cars so that the guys renting them feel appropriately bourgeoisie and get taken seriously at their various business meetings.

Aesthetics/Styling: Make the cars sleek and sexy, in true supercar fashion.


Safety: Being rich doesn’t necessarily make you a good driver, but rich guys do have lawyers. Theodore doesn’t want to get sued, so safer cars make for safer drivers, and therefore reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit when they do crash.

Comfort: People driving these cars will have a certain expectation of luxury, especially when they’re spending $1500 a day to rent them.

Service Costs: Keep service costs low, every extra dollar spent on servicing the cars is lost profit. Keep in mind that this is less the overall service costs, and more how your car’s service costs compare with the competition. The number might be high, but if its lower than the other entrants, it will be a big advantage.


Reliability: The less often these supercars break, the more often they can be rented out.

Drivability: Again, rich =/= good at driving- make these cars as easy to drive as possible so that rich guys can feel cool cruising through the corners, even if the car itself is doing all the actual driving behind the scenes.

Cost: While Theodore is aiming to buy 5 cars from each manufacturer, more is always better.


Fuel Efficiency: Fuel efficiency does impact overall running costs. Try to keep fuel efficiency up where possible, though it is not a major priority.



Please PM me your car files with the following name format:

Model name: PDC15 - (YourUserName)
Trim name: Name of your vehicle
Engine family name: PDC15 - (YourUserName)
Engine variant: Name of your engine

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ruleset, please say so before 11:59 UTC March 15th. After that point, the rules will be set, and the competition will be open for submissions.

Entry deadline is set to March 29th at 11:59 UTC.


Aesthetics (especially exterior styling, including exterior color) should be a key priority in judging, especially given that the client wants a rental fleet comprised of supercars (or even hypercars if our man Theodore can afford them). After all, he does not want his fleet to look boring or ugly - an instant deal-breaker in this cutthroat high-end market.

The ET limits for this round seems quite low. My 6L NA V12 engine with +1 top end, +1 bottom end, and +2 exhaust has an ET of 198.7. Meanwhile, the car itself has a 7spd DCT, electric LSD, magnesium wheels, carbon brakes, downforce undertray, active wing, electric variable power steering and ESC, standard 10s safety, and active suspension. It costs 107000 (well below the maximum price) and the trim ET is 193.9, and I haven’t even touched the quality sliders yet. If we’re making supercars for this round, we should have a higher ET limit, or even no limit at all. I don’t think that ET would concern a supercar rental agency anyway, since they are not involved in the production of the car.


By “ProtoCPP”, are you referring to these bodies?


ProtoCPP is a specific 2020 mod body with broken cabin volume stats. I may increase the ET limits, my test bed was also well under max cost.

On second thought, I may reduce max cost instead. I’ll leave it up to a poll

  • Increase ET Limit to 250
  • Reduce Max Cost to 120,000
  • Reduce Max Cost to 100,000

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The more I think about it, the more I am puzzled by the fact that this is meant to be a major priority - supercars and hypercars, by their very nature, are expensive to service, which is why I think this particular criterion should be reduced in importance.

Ohh, the lack of space before threw me off - I missed that one.

5 stars is indeed high - it still needs to be a factor down the line for a rental service, but I imagine the margin they would make on those rentals + insurance would cover service and repairs.

This is a premium market and operation costs are important, but not at the detriment of prestige, image, brand and marketing.

I think it would help to have an idea of what price bracket we are looking at here - are these entry level Porsche 911s and Audi TT RSes, or Huracans and 570Ses? The text makes it sound like the latter, in which case, the ET limits are way too low. The supercar I was working on for fun is at over 330 ET and is still only at $186,000.

Alternatively, lowering the max cost might be the way to go, and it would fit in with the lore as the man just entering into the business.

Also, I get that this is a rental company, but I personally think service costs are rated too high…these are supercars, being expensive to service them is a given. Maybe move them to 3 stars with the reliability part?

Yeah, but they are going to be expensive to service either way. But servicing an R8, which uses “cheap” Audi parts is much different from servicing a Roma or 812 superfast, with all of their Ferrari parts. Neither are cheap, but the R8 lends itself to being rented out a lot better than either Ferrari in this regard. Servicing costs are not only how expensive they are to maintain, but also how long it takes to fix them when they break. So if your car is in the shop for a week, and you rent it out for $1500 a day, that’s $10.5k less potential revenue, plus whatever you spent repairing it.


Service cost is going to be basically all relative. However, there’s an odd (and maybe realistic, maybe not) thing that happens with supercars in Automation. It’s very easy to make a car whose service costs are 90% tires. As cars get faster than 186mph/300kmh, the Speed Rating multiplier for tire cost grows enormously. Thus the best way to reduce service cost is to reduce the cost of tires, and this dwarfs the difference between a mid-engine AWD V12 in a cramped engine bay and an ordinary front engine I4.

In campaign this basically means that only wealthy demographics (who care less about service costs) buy cars capable of going 200+mph but it’s a tricky tradeoff in competitions like this, because obviously a high top speed is a big factor in Sportiness, Prestige, and just sounding good.

“…and that’s why my world speed record car uses Hard Long Life Tires.”


Edits have been made to the rules; New Engine ET limit is 250, new Trim ET limit is 210. The max cost is now 130k. Service costs have been moved down to four star priority from five. The competition will open for entries later today.

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Well, since I won’t have much more time to improve my entry during this week, I’ll upload it now and hope for the best.
Here it is, the Sagaz S1:


Zephorus Z - S


Kerberos FS844

The application of lessons learned with the Spartan CoachWorks team, applied to a production vehicle.


Mons Ingwe

Speed and style

All the promo shots


Introducing the 2021 Akari Ryujin. Powered by a 678 horsepower inline six powerplant, mated to a 7-speed twin-clutch gearbox, routing power to all four wheels. This powertrain renders it capable of 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, and a top speed of 217 miles per hour, all for a total price of $130,000.


The 2020 Carbien Royale Spa Edition. A special edition of the Carbien Royale to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Spa track in Belgium, this car features a naturally aspirated V10 good for a whopping 843 horses, a sequential transmission, RWD, an exclusive paint scheme and a handmade interior.

My thoughts on some of the entries so far:

That’s a lot of power for a straight-six - but I’m not sure if it provides enough prestige for it to reach the last stage of judging. And I know that name… It’s shared with several other cars, dating back to the dark days of the Kee era, but it’s most appropriate here.

Spa is in Belgium, not Germany - the Nurburgring, on the other hand, is located in Germany. Anyway, that thing has a color scheme that, as befits its name, reminds me of a Caribbean vacation, for some reason - although it could be brighter still for the full effect.

Shh- nobody saw that! :shushing_face:
Thanks for that catch btw! Dunno how I had such a brain fart lol. As for the paint, the lighting and angles make it look less bright than it is! Here it is with indoor lighting

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MAHG Omega Black Widow '20

6.6 L
390+ km/h
129 000 Money Unit

Good luck to keep yourself alive…

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