[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 2: Cold War Special [ENTRIES OPEN]

Trim ET Has Been Changed To 70 As People Have Been Facing Issues Meeting 60

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The 1957 Democratic Workers Car. Your only choice

1 litre of fuel will last 7.6 verstas, exchange your car credits now


the text on the green image says this:
The year is 1957, and you are one of the east germany´s top engineering firms, you have just opened a metal working shop and you receive a letter from the GDR themselves, it reads: "Hello comrade, we hace noticed your work whitin our great nation and we would like you to build a car for everyone! We will choose our best entry for our ‘Car of The People’ out of a select set of companies’ offerings. Our western counterparts have recovered far sooner than we expected and we need to catch up! We need cheap reliable transport for our people! We do, however, have strict regulations. These will be sent shortly! than you for your service and compilance.
Signed The GDR

you will need to build a car for the people of East Germany taht those damned Westerners will envy! Your car will be terted on the following parameters:
Durability (35%), Drivability (10%)
Autamation Engineering:
Drivability (10%), Affordability (15%), Economy (10%), Comfort (5%), Environmental resistance (5%), Styling (10%)

Hello dear comrades. This company at the service of the motherland has the privilege of presenting our car for the people, The BCT “COMMIE”. An affordable car you can purchase for less than the equivalent of 11.000 stinky dollars. It comes with a well developed 2.0L engine that develops 75hp with the (donkey piss) great gas that our motherland provides us. The commie can reachs speeds up to 150 Km/h with a not so high fuel comsumption, it is stable and noble at all speeds and comes equiped with good brakes that allow you to stop the car better than the wall stops those capitalist pigs. It also includes a basic AM radio so you can hear the news of our motherland anywhere you can be at any moment. Basic equipment and dashboard, high safety standars and corrosion resistant steel make this car one that can stand against the imperial capitalism for a long time. Go now and request your nearest dealer a test. You will enjoy it as much as the love of our motherland.

More glorious photos

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whats with those thin AF tires?

Economy cars, communist or capitalist, of this time usually had very narrow tires. The biggest I could find were 165/70R15 on Beetles and Volgas. The Trabant had 145/80R13. The absolute worst I could think of off the top of my head was 125/80R12 on the Fiat 500.

(Well all these cars would have bias ply tires with different nomenclature but you get the point)

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remember that we are talking about very cheap and basic enginered cars… dont expect 185 wide tyres and +100hp. that was almost impossible in that time for a “people” car

The CZS R2000 is the most glorious of cars, made for the comrades, by their comrades, and of their com… err that is… anyway! It will drive you to and from the factory all day, and all night, no matter the weather. Fuel is precious to our great union, and the R2000 will make the most of what you are allotted. Yours can be had for just under $12000

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I feel like my car is going to have a muffler tip trim piece or else the exhaust is dragging on the floor in Beam.NG.

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Meep Meep

Olympus Eins

The everything car
More pics



An East German modification of a Spanish design that was itself heavily inspired by the French Citroën 2CV. A truly continental people’s car with high style at a low price.

It’s 888cc OHC 3 cylinder produces 28.4 hp, and is connected to a 3 speed manual powering the front wheels. It can reach top speed of 110 kmh, sufficient for long distance travel, while returning excellent fuel economy.

EDIT: oh my god I forgot to put wipers on it

More Photos


The Strauβ & Bauer Praxis

Because transporting us is about being as economical and practical as possible, why trying to imitate western’s big and un-optimized car whereas we could try to make the most of the resources we have! Let’s create the car of the future: a car for everyone to drive, as smart, as inventive and as innovative possible, with a design from us the people!

Let’s not copy what doesn’t work! Let’s create a better tomorrow with the Praxis!


Just Over 24HRs Left, Keep Those Entries Coming!
Got some interesting ones already, so don’t miss out!

RET Zvesdopad, AKA the "Doppa"

A design produced by the motherland, intended for the East German market. A few good contacts between Volgograd and Leipzig allow for a little leeway in exactly who ‘made’ the blueprints. The car would be produced under the Kampfer* make, of course, and marketed exclusively in Germany and to a lesser extent, Poland.

Its rear-engine layout and 900cc boxer four won’t put down any land speed records, but for carting around four people** in relative comfort you’ll find few better options. 20.6 miles per gallon (US), 0 to 60 in half a minute, and a top speed of 67.5 miles per hour may not mean a lot, but that little engine is only carting around a smidge over 600 kilograms!

*Kampfer badging not yet placed on imported showroom model
**Five people possible, not recommended


A BIG thanks to everyone who entered, results will be out by Wednesday if all things are good

Controller has topped itself, results may be delayed due to keyboard and mouse control or if that fails I might as well call the beam tests off as it’ll be a few weeks before I can get a new one.

Cable ordered on Prime so should be able to get tests done by Tuesday, Will post results for automation challenges shortly.


@brunator BCT Commie
Drivability: 5; Affordability: 8; Economy: 7; Comfort: 3; Environmental Resistance: 5; Styling: 5
Overall Points: 28

@nialloftara CZS R2000
Drivability: 9; Affordability: 4; Economy: 8; Comfort: 5; Environmental Resistance: 5; Styling: 6
Overall Points: 37

@patridam Muller Proletariat
Drivability: 7; Affordability: 9; Economy: 6; Comfort: 3; Environmental Resistance: 5; Styling: 9
Overall Points: 39

@Niveon RET Zvezdopad RR4 MKP
Drivability: 6; Affordability: 8; Economy: 8; Comfort: 5; Environmental Resistance: 3; Styling: 8
Overall Points: 38

@Maxbombe StrauB & Bauer Praxis
Drivability: 4; Affordability: 14; Economy: 4; Comfort: 0; Environmental Resistance: 3; Styling: 10
Overall Points: 35

@donutsnail RaZ ROMAK 888
Drivability: 10; Affordability: 15; Economy: 10; Comfort: 3; Environmental Resistance: 4; Styling: 6
Overall Points: 48

@Mikonp7 Olympus Eins
Drivability: 6; Affordability: 9; Economy: 6; Comfort: 5; Environmental Resistance: 3; Styling: 8
Overall Points: 37

Leaderboard Standings
1st: @donutsnail (48 Points)
2nd: @patridam (39 Points)
3rd: @Niveon (38 Points)
4th: @Mikonp7 @nialloftara (37 Points)
6th: @Maxbombe (35 Points)
7th: @brunator (28 Points)

Things could still all change with the all important durability tests!
Results expected Tuesday or Wednesday, good luck to all competitors!


Bronze is nothing to be ashamed of, and tied second-best in economy. :+1:

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