[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 2: Cold War Special [ENTRIES OPEN]

Engine Regulations:
Max PU: 25
Max ET: 75
Max Displacement: 4500cc
Low Quality Fuel
One Muffler At Least

Trim Regulations:
Max PU: 75
Max ET: 70
Max Cost: $13000
Min Reliability: 45
No Limited Production Parts
Seat At Least 4

You will need to send 2 files; Naming:
Car 1: Model: PDC 1 - (Username) Trim: (Car Name)
Car 2: Model: PDC 1 No Fixtures - (Username) Trim: (Car Name)
Engine: Family: PDC1 (Username) Variant: (Engine Name)

Submissions open 15/11/19 (To allow any changes/questions to be answered)
Submissions close 22/11/19

Big thanks to both @patridam and @mart1n2005 for helping me with setting this up and giving me tips etc!


whats with the second car file? also we dont have to write all the badges in german do we? @Fletchyboy100

I guess it is required in order to avoid BeamNG fixture “overwight”.

also if i were you @Fletchyboy100 i would reduce the engine capacity maximum to about 1600 if this is for a ‘car of the people’

As Norman said, it puts a disadvantage on more detailed cars on beam tests. So you’d need a car with no fixtures to combat that.

With the Mules I used, the highest engine I was able to use was a lazy, low power 4000cc V8, it’s there to allow the interpretation of the participant to decide on what the car should be, as there was a wide range of vehicles that era (little ZAZ city cars and Trabants to UAZ 4x4s)

will lower engined cars be at a disadvantage to the bigger engined ones though?

No, due to the higher costs, lower reliability and that to fit the big engined cars in, you have to use single barrel and cast log from my experience.

Is there any minimum safety regulation that we need to hit here?

No minimum safety, although that would help in the durability test while lowering affordability points, it’s a risk vs reward situation. I don’t want to limit the engineering side too much.

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i have made one of the simplest cars ive ever done and the engineering time is well over the limit, i assume we have to use body on frame for any car we make


if you made it 75PU and 100ET it would enable monocoque chassis and more suspension types too

from tridents east german subsidary

I agree that the et and pu limits seem low. but we are designing a car for the communist germany, with very bad machinery and technology. I managed to desing a car small and with little power, but the challenge is about the 50´s in russian territory… even not long ago they were driving small 4m long cars with less than 100hp and very low quality

In all 4 test cars, I was able to get below that limit except for engines, I believe I used at highest Semi-Trailing arm suspension, will check if I used monocoque, I am pretty sure I used it on one of my mules.

Just checked and I got a monocoque to fit the limits

In the current UE4 build this is 85 RON, while regular unleaded has always been 92 RON. However, back in the Kee era, low quality unleaded meant 80 RON, which was even lower than what it is now. Naturally, the lower octane rating yielded even worse performance and economy compared to the higher-octane UE4 equivalent.

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81 RON to be precise (I think), tbh I went in thinking it was still 81 but saw it was 85 otherwise it’d have been regular unleaded.

If it’s not too nitpicky, can there be a version of the original file that is less green? As a dyslexic person I don’t have a hope in hell of reading it and highlighting doesn’t appear to fix the problem.

I’ll PM the important bits from it (the mark scheme and objective) :+1:

Entries Are Open Until 22/11/19 Please PM Me Your Files!