Peak HP at lower RPM

Hi, I was comparing the engines i built to engine online and I noticed the engine online had their peak output at 5000 - 6000 RPMs. And mine are more around 6500 - 8000 RPM Range. While my peak output was slightly higher, my hp at 5 or 6k is significantly lower. How can i make more horsepower at a lower RPM?

There are several ways to attain peak power at lower RPMs. Increasing the compression and lowering the cam-settings should do the trick. There are other ways such as changing fuel-air ratio and ignition timing as well, but I’m sure that you’re aware of that already. I’d recommend that you experiment some.

I had experimented a little, but just one by one, it didn’t dawn on me to try two things simultaneously lol opps. But thank you for enlightening me!