Performance tuner Time attack 1995

Actually, what kind of lap were we doing on Laguna Seca? The flying lap (Sector 3)?

Because I did use Laguna Seca as my reference track. Except we use a slightly different version of Laguna Seca, or am I just missing a variable?

More than willing to sell you a lightly used Storm Jackal. Or we can go in with Courier CargoMax twins. Courier’s got the same base block as the Envy. It’s probably what I’ll end up using.

Mine’s off as well. Doing a 1:38 standing, 1:33 flying. 1:37 in the competition.

@4LGE @FrankNSTein
Both of you look to have had errors, according to what the thread said. So it makes sense if your times are a bit higher.

ayy, made the grade :grin:

That’s something to study carefully. But they look like good bases.

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Also, if this goes into a second season…




Aaaand clipping the inside curb in corner 11 was not on the map for the day… The driver is furious and we are working hard to get the car into shape for the next run, so no tuning :frowning:


Meanwhile at Hypera’s pit…

The car is in a very much “meh” condition, but there’s not much the team can do about it, as it is hard to get all the tuned parts shipped in time. The previous driver was found after the race in Britain - 4 hours later, completely drunk in some bushes. The best driver among the team’s engineers replaced him. As it turned out, he wasn’t really much better, but at least wasn’t scared of the car. The main engineer had some really serious talks with some people from HQ and he finally found out that Etalon as the race car was some marketing guys’ idea to promote the tuning department (“We can make everything faster”) - need I say that they were fired?..


The thing about this challenge is, now people build cars specifically to tune them for this :confused: We need to find a way of preventing that; should this go into a 2nd round.

Simply not revealing the year of the next round and it’s exact regulations (if they will be different - and with a different year, they could be). And again not accepting cars published after the rules are revealed.

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“Any ideas to make the Serenity faster?”
“Yeah. Tow it around the track with a Jackal. Alternatively, we could intentionally spill transmission fluid on the track and ruin everyone else’s times, but we can’t do that on command. Plus, that’d mean we’d actually have to, you know, be fast enough to get in front of everyone else. Which would mean we wouldn’t have this problem.”
“Still, gotta admit, we caused chaos in the pit lane when we hoisted the Serenity, driver and all, about three feet in the air and dropped the transmission out during practice.”
“Would’ve been nice if you hadn’t actually dropped the transmission.”
“It fell off the transmission jack. Still, you can’t say we didn’t have the most impressive stop.”
“I’m not so sure. The power sliding Envy was kinda cool, and it was kinda funny seeing the Breeze do a burnout the whole way down the pit lane.”
“Fair enough, but did anyone else use a forklift to change a transmission, a SymTrak belt, and four tires all at the same time?”
“True. And I’m damn glad we practiced that in the shop.”

it’s not.

this is my ABL car, modified for the '96 model year.

Actually, I won’t change my plans about the Gamma line up, they will be light, economical and at least a little sporty. But I can’t talk about the others.

I don’t really see building cars specifically for this challenge as being much of a threat. We don’t know when the next year will be, what the next set of regulations will be, etc. And if it’s suspected that people are doing that, it’d be really easy for the challenge host to simply exclude any vehicles made after November 22.

Sure, I’ve got some preliminary ideas, but nothing set in stone just yet because I can’t do that just yet. I know a few vehicles I’d like to run, but nothing guaranteed yet.

Bottom 3 in practice. Every. Single. Time.
Can’t say I’m not consistent.

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You aren’t getting anywhere near these times in my game, but the stats seems to be the same. Maybe the physics are different in beta vs stable? Don’t know. All I know is I just ran your cars on Laguna again, and it’s 1:37 without any modifyers on the flying lap. Also we might have different lagunas

All you had to do is ask for a car, you know :slight_smile: KHT tuned by Hypera.[quote=“AirJordan, post:361, topic:18876”]
Maybe a revamp should be done

Considering the scale of your driver’s mistake, I’m not sure.

I’ll see you add 300 kilos worth of safety equipment on that 60’s car and you’ll think twice about that

WAAAAAY Ahead of you on this one. :wink: Let’s just say “A choice of a starter car is going to get a LOT tougher”

Do you really think we’re doing 1996 next? :smiley:


Hopefully price limitations and not blocking horsepower, or I’m going to be in trouble. The only cars I’ve got in my lineup that’d pass a strict maximum horsepower check are the shitboxes. And let’s face it, no one wants to see a 1987 Storm Excel try to make it around a track, we’d be here all year.


i was being VERY presumptuous.

and the car is a bit of a fat ol’ pig :smiley: