Performance tuner Time attack 1995

So, I wanted to make a Survival of the Fittest challenge, but it’s getting a bit stale, so I’m giving this a go.

#Welcome to the 1995 time attack series.

This is a perfect opportunity for both garage tuners to prove themselves and get access to a motorsport directed specifically at them, as well as an opportunity for large tuner companies to promote themselves to the masses.
The rules are simple, all you need to do is chose your car, modify it so it complies with the specifications given and see what it can do on a racetrack. Each venue is one stage, each stage consists of practice, qualification and attack runs.

#1 practice

In practice you get unlimited tries to set the best laptime, as well as enough time to select the proper tires for the wearther conditions. No modifiers to your laptime apply (More on that later).

First 3 places on the practice leaderboard receive points.
1st = 3 points
2nd = 2 points
3rd = 1 point

This will allow us to find out which is the fastest car of all without any random chances in the mix

#2 qualification runs

Qualification runs make sure that only competetive racecars are running on the track during the main event. This is done not because of safety concerns, but for the viewers to get the best action possible. The qualification margin is 110% of the leading lap time. Modifiers will apply. Qualification will not allow you enough time to dial the car in, so you might be starting on the wrong tires for the weather. You will start on the tires you’ve chosen in your build.

First 3 places on the qualifiaction leaderboard receive points.
1st = 3 points
2nd = 2 points
3rd = 1 point

This will allow us to find out which car is the fastest in the exact conditions and on the exact track we’re on

#3 Time Attack

Every car to pass qualification makes a single lap of time attack. Full modifiers are in use, once again, you use the tires you’ve chosen in your build, the drivability will also be a factor (Once again, more on that later).

First 6 places will receive points

1st = 20 points
2nd = 16 points
3rd = 12 points
4th = 8 points
5th = 4 points
6th = 2 points

This is the full banana, with all the modifiers in place


There are a lot less variables here than in the Survival of the fittest, but they’re more flexible and unpredictable.

###1. Tire choice and weather
Sports tires work well enough in all conditions, slick tires, however will require dry tarmac. You’re free to chose any tires of these two options, but while choosing slicks remember that they will bring up to a 5% time penalty in the rain. Sports tires do not involve penalties as they are less grippy in the dry by default
The weather is decided by excel choosing a random number from 0 (completely dry) to 5 (very wet), the resulting number will set the weather for the event.

###2. Drivability factor
The harder the car to drive, the more pressure on the driver. During the Time Attack event a driver may make a mistake which will cost him anywhere from 0% to 5% penalty (decided by excel random number generator individually for each racer). Each point of drivability removes 1% chance of this happening (Yes only a 100 drivability rating will save you from this, so no, nobody is actually completely safe from it, and yes, this chance is also calculated by the random number generator in excel).

#Car requirements


Car : Must be one presented in the forums before this thread was posted. No homologation specials, no cars created specifically for this challenge. They all must be modified versions of your or somebody else’s old cars
Year : 1995 or earlier
Drivetrain - any
Engine - any configuration
Price - below $40,000 with 0% markup in the markets tab

###Tuned version

Engine - must be same family as the base car.
You may change anything except for VVT, VVL, and fuel injection system. You may change carburetors to more efficient carburetors. You may also change the throttle bodies on the fuel injection

Suspension - must be the same type as the base car, consisting of the same types of springs, shocks and ARB’s. Any setup modifications allowed

Transmission - must use the same gearbox with the same ratios as original, may change final gear and type of diff. Power distribution in AWD transmissions can not be changed.

Brakes - any changes allowed

Aero - any changes allowed

Interior - any changes allowed

Safety - must have safety rating of 35 or more.

Reliability - must not equal 0

Price - under $65,000 in the markets tab with 0% markup.

Misc - No quality sliders over +5 allowed

#Race calendar

  1. Brands Hatch indy
  2. Zolder
  3. Laguna Seca
  4. Red Bull Ring
  5. Tsukuba

#Sending in your entry

Your tuned car must be a variation of a base car, and be sent in together
Naming your entry - The car name should be TA95-Yourname-Carname. The car’s trim should have “TA95” in it. Engine variant should have TA95 in it too

Car name : TA95-Squidhead-Jalopy
Car trim : TA95 rustbucket edition
Engine family : Cool engine
Engine variant : TA95 the one with turbo

You have 10 days to complete your cars and send them in.
[Here’s a countdown timer] (Countdown Timer - Countdown to Dec 2, 2016 11:35 pm in Riga)


  1. Frank’n’Stein / Direwolf SP+ FSR
  2. Deus Ex Mackia / Erin Nasaro Group A Spec
  3. One85db / Starter V5 by OMG
  4. Darkshine / Lincorne Rallye modified
  5. HighOctaneLove / Bogliq Envoy GT tuned
  6. Vri404 / ECV Pyxis by Blackdawn Racing
  7. Gridghost / Scarab Eruption GT Tuned
  8. Szafirowy01 / Etalon XGti by Hypera
  9. Squidhead / KHT Tsukuba R stage 4
  10. Nomade 0013 / Storm Envy GTL
  11. Madrias / Storm Serenity Mighty Minivan edition
  12. STM316 / Puttzalong GC2500
  13. rcracer11m / Ageous
  14. NormanVauxhall / Znopersk Zap Grp A
  15. Deskyx / Saminda CZ6 Dreamy Ghost
  16. Airjordan / Dom
  17. Phale / Saminda CZ6 Stealth
  18. UMGaming / Storm Gunslinger GTX Turbo
  19. JohnWaldock / Storm Breeze JHW Performance

[The results thread] (Performance tuner time attack 95 results thread - #4 by squidhead)


Yes! This looks like fun. And we can enter pretty much anything we want? Whether than be a hatchback or sports coupe?

Also, I know what car from my company’s canon I want to enter, but I haven’t built it yet. Does it still count if I build that car, and then modify it or not?

No, that will not count, the car must have been presented before this thread has been posted. This will prevent people creating cars specificatlly for this challenge and make them stuck with base cars that they already got. And yes, you can enter any car as long as it’s compliant with the rules, a van if you wish, I dont’ care :smiley:


Clever! Cool, well I have something else to enter so that shall work. This is gonna be good!

I’m checking if a tsukuba is good enough for this or if I should see some of Saminda options :smiley:

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Does ‘‘must be presented’’ apply only to ‘‘your company thread’’ or can the car also be sourced from past CSR rounds?

As long as it was posted somewhere on these forums. You can ask other people to give you their cars to tune if you wish to do so, you may tune yours, you can take one from an open source thread…

Can we enter with more than one car or not? I’d love to enter with my PZS Sawa just for lolz and because I thought I don’t have any other published car from before 1995 and with something different for serious racing… But I guess it’s a “no”?

Can we change fixtures, such as adding/removing wings/lips, and widening fenders?

'95, I see… Let’s see what I had back in '95 worth tuning…

Edit #1: Damn it. The Knight’s '96! You cheeky little…

Edit #2: The 95 Gunslinger would be… Well, no, I can’t tune Mid Engine for shit. Serenity’s an option though, if it wasn’t for the PowerShift Automatic. Would’ve been funny to throw a minivan at the problem, screaming SymTrak belt and all.

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I’d rather not allow multiple cars. You may want one in there for the lol, but others would just spam me with cars that might win hogging valuable points.

What kind of tuner competition would it be without some actual visual tuning :smiley: OFCOURSE YOU CAN


I feel like losing.



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I’ve narrowed it down to 90, 94, or 95. Two of those options are like bringing a nuclear warhead to the OK Corral, one of them’s a joke option… Now which to choose…

Can I fit a Turbo to my (insert NA car here)?

Yes you can

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tfw when your race model is under 20k… Time to add quality!

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Shame I can’t manual swap something, or the '95 Storm Serenity would be such a fun option. Why didn’t I make a trim of that damn thing with a bloody stick!?

Edit: Hmm… Envy Turbo Coupe MK2 and Storm Jackal fit in the budget… So does the Serenity. Do I try to win or do I go for the funny joke car…

@Madrias I don’t think you could get more jokey than attempting to do a micro car from 1949


Aw yiss… found a perfect car of mine. Time to dig something from under the dust of my random designs thread - the Étalon XTS! :smile: (what a coincidence, I have a '95 car with AWD and sporty I4… :imp:)

AWD V6 minivan from 1995 with an automatic. It wouldn’t survive. And I don’t want to run the 1950’s Prince.