Petokraka Automobili

Yugo Motors’ cars are being sold by the brand [size=150]Petokraka Automobili[/size], as of the 2014 Yugo Motors re-launch and re-branding. The engines will keep the YM badge but cars are, as mentioned before, sold by the brand name of Perokraka Automobili.

Petokraka Automobili is the 2014 renovation and re-launch of Yugo Motors and the main office and factory are located in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

[size=150]Why re-brand the cars?[/size]

  • We wanted a fresh start after noticing that the demand and attention for our cars was low. Therefore, we re-launched our car company with a new brand name, to get a fresh start. The engines will keep the same top quality of Yugo Motors and they will still bear the YM badge, to keep some of the pre-2014 traditions. Hopefully, the company will be more successful now, after all the changes we’ve made.

[size=150]What has changed?[/size]

  • Mostly our car designs. We went from trying to create ostentatious designs to creating minimalist designs to reduce the price and weight. Reduced design costs allow us to focus on the internals of the car, such as the engine, suspension, gear box and aerodynamics. The engines have been improved when it comes to fuel economy and performance buy hey, YM engines were always high end and had a low price sleazy salesman smile.

[size=150]What are we aiming for now?[/size]

  • We’re aiming at creating affordable cars that can compete with more famous and established brands, such as Ford, BMW and Volkswagen. We also want to establish a good reputation for the automotive industry in the Balkans.

Please note: the prices here show how much it costs to order our cars directly from our factory and/or our website. Pricing in other countries may vary.

The MSR is our take on the classic muscle car. Everything about it is true to the classics, such as large V8 engines and loads of power but… we made it an 4WD car. Yup, it isn’t an FR layout; it’s a 4WD V8 monstrosity and all models have dual clutch high performance transmissions. It will need 95 octane fuel because the primary market for our cars is Europe and 95 octane fuel is the standard fuel there.

It comes in two versions. The standard model has an aluminum block 5.0L naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces 355 horsepower and 475 Nm of torque. With the help of Petokraka Automobili’s advanced launch control computer, you will be able to do 0-100km/h in 4,1 seconds and reach a top speed of 276km/h. Fear not, this is not uncomfortable as some sports cars are. With a premium interior, you won’t need to visit your doctor due to back pains caused by uncomfortable seats. Oh, and it does not drink as much fuel as other V8 engines. Fuel ecnomy is 10,91L/100km. [size=150]Starting price: 35000 USD[/size]

The super model is pretty similar on the outside but hides an aluminum block 5.8L twin turbo V8 under the hood. You will get 569 horsepower and 841 Nm of torque with this beast and after tedious tweaking, weight reduction and many sleepless nights for our engineers, we’ve reached a 0-100km/h time of 2,9 seconds! That’s right; you can now flip of mustang owners and laugh in their face because your MSR from Petokraka Automobili outperforms it. A mustang has a 0-100km/h time of just under 4 seconds. In fact, our MSR is probably faster than most well-known, modern muscle cars. Top speed is 326 km/h and fuel economy is at 11,52L/100km. [size=150]Starting price: 60000 USD[/size]

More cars will be posted here in the future.

Do you have a family and need a cheap car with loads of space, comfort and safety? Then please come over here and take a look at the Petokraka Automobili’s FCA, the cheap, comfortable and safe family car. The base model features standard interior, nothing too fancy, a standard entertainment system and top of the line safety systems, such as traction control, ABS and electronic stabilty. High quality corrosion resistant steel is used in both the chassis and bodywork, to increase the safety and to allow you to squish other cars, in case of an accident. You may choose a premium interior for +2000 USD and a premium entertainment system for +3000 USD.

The first model is powered by a 2.4 liter N/A inline 4 that produces 165 horsepower and has a top speed of 225km/h. 0-100km/h takes 7,9 seconds and it only consumes 7,54 liters/100km, so you can drive around for quite a while. [size=150]Starting price: 22320 USD.[/size]

We took the standard I4 engine and slapped a turbocharger onto it. The result? A 247 horsepower family car, so you can race those pesky kids with their heap of junks with a huge exhaust pipe. You will be reaching an electronically limited top speed of 250km/h and 0-100 takes only 5,7 seconds. The fuel economy is still pretty good, so you do not have to worry about fuel costs. [size=150]Starting price: 27000 USD[/size]

I like the back end of the MSR, however i really think it’s underpriced (especially the twin-turbo version). If you were really going to build this car and sell it for 50.000$, you would make loss and that wouldn’t be good for your company :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. The engine (twin turbo V8) costs $2099,18 to manufacture and takes 53,8 man hours to complete. The labor costs in Bosnia, where the factory is located, are a lot lower compared to Western standards, and the environmental regulations aren’t that strict, like in other European countries. How much would you sell it for? I still want to keep it lower than the Shelby Mustang GT500.

i don’t know exactly how much the GT500 costs. But for your car 60.000 at least because even though the workers are maybe cheaper in Bosnia, the materials you use for the body and chassis (and i’m guessing you use aluminium) are not to be overlooked.

Have loads of cash to spend? Want to show everyone how rich you really are? Then come over here and take a look at the CLC, the somewhat more compact luxury car. The interior is of top quality, the suspension is soft so you won’t even know if you’ve run over a fat person or not. The entertainment system has everything that you’d expect in a luxury car. It includes, amongst other things, a DVD-player, television screens for the rear seat passangers and an insane sound system. Advanced safety features, power steering, ABS, traction control and electronic stability control is available in all models. Lastly, we are not responsible if you fall asleep in the super-comfortable seats while driving this magnificent vehicle.

The CLC comes in two different models and with two engine choices. The “regular” model comes with luxury grade interior and the DLX (DeLuxe) model comes with hand-made Italian interior design.


The CLC 3.4i is powered by an I6 engine with 246 horsepower which offers a really smooth ride. The stats below show fuel economy and performance for the “regular” model and DLX model. Both models have an electronically limited top speed of 260km/h.

CLC 3.4i “regular”

CLC 3.4i DLX

[size=150]CLC 3.4i starting price: 88000 USD

CLC 3.4i DLX starting price: 105900 USD[/size]

The CLC 5.0 V8 is powered by the 5 liter V8 that is used in our MSR. It produces 355 horsepower. The stats below show fuel economy and performance for the “regular” model and DLX model. Both models have an electronically limited top speed of 300km/h.

CLC 5.0 V8 “regular”

CLC 5.0 V8 DLX

[size=150]CLC 5.0 V8 starting price: 101900 USD

CLC 5.0 V8 DLX starting price: 115600 USD[/size]

Didn’t like the CLC? Did you find it to be too small and weak? Then worry not, we present the CLC-L, the more exclusive version of the CLC. This version has an extended wheelbase, making the car 5 meters long. The safety features of this car are the same as the regular CLC and the CLC-L only comes with hand made Italian interior and two engines, a turbocharged I6 and a turbocharged V8, to give you that extra power. This car will make a Rolls Royce seem like a Smart Fortwo. It also comes with a luxury entertainment system so you will never get bored. We’re not responsible if you crash your car while watching porn on one of the HD 8" television screens!


The first model, the CLC-L 3.4T, is powered by a turbocharged I6 that produces 368 horsepower. It is the same engine as the naturally aspirated I6 used in the CLC 3.4i, but with a turbocharger added. Fuel economy is 12L/100km, which is pretty good for a 2000kg luxury sedan. 0-100km/h takes 5,5 seconds.

The second model, the CLC-L 5.8T, is powered by the turbocharged V8 from the MSR 5.8T. This means that you have a 569 horsepower luxury sedan that does 0-100km/h in 4,6 seconds. Fuel economy is still a reasonable 12,73L/100km, considering that this is now a 2100kg V8 luxury car.

[size=150]CLC-L 3.8T starting price: 120000 USD
CLC-L 5.8T starting price: 131900 USD[/size]

Due to the production costs, the CLC-L is rarely sold at car dealerships. It must be ordered on our website or at your local car dealesrship, that offers cars from Petokraka Automobili.

We teamed up with [size=150]Smolensk Tuning[/size] and gave the MSR 5.8T a big ol’ dose of steroids. It dishes out 850 horsepower and does 0-100km/h in 2,5 seconds and top speed is electronically limited at 350km/h. This car is the Environmentalist’s nightmare since it consumes 15,12L/100km and a quarter mile can be done in 10 seconds flat. This car is the competitor to the Shelby Supersnake Mustang and so far, we are beating it.

Detailed data

You may use semi slick tires or the somewhat cheaper sports compound tires. The difference is 0,1 seconds in the 0-100km/h time and 0,1 seconds for the quarter mile time.

[size=150]MSR 5.8T Smolensk Edition starting price: 89000 USD.[/size] Delivered with a set of sports compound tires. Semi slicks can be purchased seperately from your local tire shop.
[size=150]Tuning for your regular MSR 5.8T: 29000 USD[/size]

So what do you think of when we say the say muscle car? We think of RWD, gigantic V8 engines, lots of weight, power and wheelspin. We wanted to pay tribute to the classic 70’s muscle cars, by combining old school design with modern technology, to give the muscle car lovers the best of two worlds. The exterior has been designed to look like those classic 70’s muscle cars, and it is a 100% corrosion resistant steel construction, to increase safety and to give you the feel of those steel monsters of the 70’s. The interior is crafted by modern standards but still includes some old school details, such as the dashboard being designed to look like your typical 70’s muscle car dashboard. The car also features a standard entertainment system and a premium grade safety system, with power steering, ABS, electronic stability and traction control, which is the modern addition to the car.

Let’s talk about the engine. Once you put yout foot down on the accelerator, you’ll unleash the mighty roar of a 6,4 liter N/A V8 engine, sending 494 horsepower to the rear wheels, giving you some wheelspin madness and a 0-100km/h time of 4,5 seconds. Top speed is 300km/h, which is almost supercar speed and fuel economy is 12,82 liters/100km, so sadly, you won’t be avoiding the gas guzzler tax if you’re a customer from the US of A.

This is the car for the true muscle car enthusiast!

The car only comes in one version; the 6,4 70’s edition, with the previously mentioned 6,4 liter V8 engine. [size=150]Starting price: 34500 USD[/size]

We’ve begun production of a new generation of vehicles and engines. We’ve begun adapting our engines to be “international”, by reducing the minimum RON requirement to 91, which is the standard quality fuel in the US of A, which means that we do not have to create two different units just to export to the United States and other countries that have 91 octane fuels as their standard. The new engine series has been named YM2G, and we’ve revisited almost all of our car designs and made improvements on them. Pricing on the revisited cars will be almost identical, so worry not about increased prices.

To start this new era of, we’ve revisited our MSR muscle car and altered the design of it and created new V8 engines for it. We call it the MSR G2 and the design looks a lot more aggressive now and generally looks less “basic”, so it will attract a lot of attention. It is still AWD but the octane minimum requirement is now 91 RON, so this car is now ready for the American market. The interior is of premium quality and has an entertainment system that is up to modern standards, and the safety system is super advanced, with ABS, Traction control and electric stability, and power steering is standard on all models. This means that you won’t have back and ass pains after driving this car, since it’s so comfy. The car features Double Wishbone suspension on both axles and has a corrosion resistant steel chassis and aluminum panels, for weight reduction and high safety.

First model has a 5.0 liter, 358 horsepower V8 with VVL and 4 valves/cylinder, which does 0-100km/h in 4,6 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 260km/h. Fuel economy is a reasonable 11.18 liters/100km. [size=150]Starting price: 35000 USD[/size]

Second model has a 5.6 liter twin turbo all-aluminum V8 that gives a tire-burning 548 horsepower. This model also has a super light interior, in order to keep the fuel economy [size=50]not so[/size] reasonable and to reduce weight, and it also features our highly advanced Launch Control computer, PetoLaunch, which helps contain all these horsies. 0-100km/h takes only 3.2 seconds, top speed is at 319km/h and fuel economy is around 12.15 liters/100km. [size=150]Starting price: 60000 USD [/size]

I love the back of the MSR G2, it reminds me of a race car with its wide back, and high placed exhausts. :slight_smile:

As a hardcore muscle car enthusiast, I like the CLM a lot, but…it would be more “muscle car like” if it had only 4 gears. Or even 3! If you’ve ever felt the joy of a Hurst shifter controlling a good old fashioned M22, you’d understand. And I can’t help but wonder, is that furious V8 an OHV engine? :smiley:

No sir! It has a SOHC with 4 valves and also has VVL.