Phale's BeamNG Reshade [Improved Graphics!]

I absolutely love BeamNG, but its graphics engine is definitely lacking compared to some other racing games, and even Automation itself. Luckily, the internet is filled with awesome people, who have created post-processing FX mods that can be used to make old games shiny and new again. Reshade by Crosire is incredibly powerful, works with hundreds of different games, and is 100% free. I also must give credit to Dave’s Reshade preset, which I based my own version on. Key features include brighter skies, deeper shadows, and more realistic reflections. There is a slight performance impact of maybe 5FPS, depending on your hardware.

There are two versions, standard and cinematic. You can switch between them in the Reshade menu, activated by pressing Shift + F2.

(Click on the images for less shitty gif compression)





Car by @quotex



Car by @rk38

File is too big for the Automation forums so I’ve hosted it on my Mediafire account here:


Unzip all files to your steamapps\common\\Bin64 folder.

If you did this and you see no effect on your game, open the dxgi.ini file, and change all of the lines like this:
to match the location of your steamapps\common\\Bin64 folder.


Once installed, the standard preset should be activated by default (you’ll see a confirmation message on startup). Press the END key to turn on/off. Press Print Screen to take screenshots; they’ll be saved to the Bin64 folder. Press Shift + F2 to open the Reshade menu. From here you can go to the Home tab and select the phale_cinematic preset if you prefer that one. You can also go the Settings tab to change the screenshot save location and to enable/disable the FPS marker.


Looks like it just makes things darker

How do we get it to not show the FPS?

While I do agree BeamNG can look a little “flat”, this looks a lot more like a cinematic reshade than realistic one with the lens flares and the blue-green contrasty filter. Nice put it out there though.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I’ve updated the file with a new preset. For this one, I tried to stay close to vanilla brightness and coloration while including the realistic lighting and new effects.

@On3CherryShake I added instructions under the ‘How to use’ header in the first post!


I hear West Coast USA is particularly nice this time of year…

Car by me and @rk38!

(The cinematic preset works really well with this map!)