Philippine Grand Prix Track Pack [WIP]

Philippine Grand Prix Track Pack

Image by Gorio Belen, used with permission.

Unknown to many, the Philippines actually does have quite a bit of motorsports heritage. The problem is, most of the documentation about it is either hidden away or lost to history.

Until now!

Track 1: Manila Grand Prix at the Luneta (1970)


The Luneta Circuit is a street circuit layout along Roxas Boulevard, the start/finish being at the Quirino Grandstand. The circuit features 9 turns and 7 straights, running in a counter-clockwise direction and mostly consisting of left-handers. Corners are not banked with the exception of Turns 3-5 where it is banked inwards slightly. The circuit has little to no elevation change.

This track was used once in the Manila Grand Prix in 1970. Unlike the other tracks featured here, it was only ever used once and no more after that. The race was broadcast on live television and on the radio the entire day.

This supposed 3.4km long Luneta Circuit been recreated to the best of my abilities using TrackEdit and Google Maps to approximate the location, size, and proportions of the circuit.
Splits do not work as of now, but will be updated when I do add them.

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Track 2: Greenhills Grand Prix (1971)


The Ortigas Circuit, as it was called was laid out across Ortigas Avenue, the start and finish being at a certain point along its main straightaway. This track is shorter than the Luneta Circuit, but is more technical as it features 15 turns, with most of them being sharp 90-degree left-handers. Like the Luneta Circuit, the track has no banking as it is a street course, and also has almost no change in elevation.

Other info according to Gorio Belen:
“The Greenhills Grand Prix had two different venues. The first one, held in 1971, had its venue around the Greenhills shopping center, North Greenhills subdivision and had the Ortigas avenue as its main straightaway…”

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Track 3: Greenhills Grand Prix (1972-1975)

Track 4: El Grande Grand Prix (1975-1976)