Photoscene issue

Anyone else Having this Greying issue on their cars?

It started, From what i can tell, After i installed the latest beta update… Help please?


It’ll be the Highlights bit in the camera settings, you need to adjust it back to default, basically it is making the highlight “dark” and instead of light and making it look like its bright.


Specifically, the contrast defaults to 0 when you first open a photo scene, but changing that value to 1 should do the trick.

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Tried this fix under both the Filters and Overlays tabs but it doesn’t eliminate it. I’m even getting the grey highlights on the gizmo tool arrows, which is weird as those shouldn’t be affected by the camera settings. Also noticed another glitch when changing the contrast from zero to one it immediately snaps back to zero.


This bug has now been fixed, and we should be pushing it out in a new patch sometime in the next few hours, hopefully!


Thanks so much for the good work!!!