Photoscene questions

Ok, so first let me explain how I take my pics. My PC can’t handle the game unless I play in the low or lowest preset. So for pics, I set up the pic, go to the menu, use the high preset, go back, adjust the focus, take the pic, then go back to the low preset to set the next pic or finish. I’ve been testing the new photo scene controls and figured it was time to ask for some old things along with the new questions. First, the sliding menu is terrible to use when you’re above 9 fps, so I’d like a way to keep it like it was before, even the old fade wasn’t that low fps friendly but was needed to see how the pic is behind it. Also, there’s a weird issue when I click a car to move it, then click out and try to move the camera with the mouse, it doesn’t let me do it for several seconds. I don’t know if I was supposed to click on a specific way. Lastly, would be nice to have shortcuts to select the graphic presets, so I don’t have to go to the menu. The graphic change confirmation popup is also annoying to click when in low fps. I’m sorry if I’m asking impossible things, that’s just what I thought would be helpful to have.

PS: I must thank you guys for the new lift, not only it’s more usable, but took me straight to the SLRR times with it’s animation. All that’s missing is the car freaking out and falling off of it!:grin:

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