Pimp My Econobox!

I decided to make this a fully-fledged challenge, and after a few test mules, here are the rules I have decided on.

To begin with;

Import the .car file
Make a clone of the trim (and engine if you plan on adding power, which I would recommend)
Retain the model name, but put your username in the trim name section (it will say “Base Clone” when you get
Get to work


Price after modifications MUST be less than under $21500 @ 0% markup, though I won’t sweat a few $$$
MUST have original engine family
NO variant capacity changes
MUST have 4 full seats (no 2+2’s)
MUST have 35+ MPG U.S.
MUST have over 60 reliability
MUST have over 50 safety
MUST have over 15 comfort
MUST have over 50 drivability
MUST have under 50 loudness
98 RON/93 AKI is highest octane allowed (because 'Murica) and there is no advantage to using lower octane
No sportiness requirements, just go for as much as you can

Anything besides this is fair game, so don’t ask “Is adding a turbo OK?” anything I didn’t mention is allowed.

Judging Criteria:
Fun Factor; I’m going to drive all entries in Beamng
That’s it, just reach the requirements


Wider tires; The original comes on puny 155mm tires
Manual Transmission; I’m going to try each car in Beamng on my G920, so manual transmission is heavily
recommended for fun factor
Vented Discs/Brake Pads; the original brakes have high brake fade when combined with higher power output
Forged Pistons; the original comes with hyper-dfjhfvsfvi (whatever it’s called) cast pistons, so upgrading to
forged pistons is recommended along with other bottom end upgrades if you plan on making it higher revving

Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, there is no advantage to going under budget or getting higher
reliability etc. All you need to do is meet requirements and make it as fun as possible.


MUST have original head/tail lights
MUST have a rear liscence plate

Making it look less boring will help a lot, and sweat the small details. If you don’t have painted brake calipers, I will find you. JK, but small details like painted brake calipers may also help your chances.

If any requirements seem too restrictive, feel free to mention it.

Submissions due Sunday, August 12 at 24:00 Pacific Standard Time, so if you live in Japan you have like 20 more hours lol.

Econobox Generica - Base.car (19.5 KB)


Well, didn’t get any feedback, but i’m going to work on some test mules and get some rules set up.

Probably because you only waited ~2 hours…?

FWIW I think the concept is interesting, I’ll see how it pans out

Competition is Live!!!

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Is that price @ 0%?

Yes, I’ll add that to the rules

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MY17 Generica by Leeroy

Leeroy Racing ATC kit improves power without making the Generica a fuel hog!

Leeroy Racing doesn’t just tune Bogliq products. When offered they’ll happily collaborate with any willing company to produce various handling and go-fast kits to suit the aftermarket.

So when Econobox wanted to boost its sporty credentials by challenging the aftermarket to tune their eco car, the Generica, Leeroy Racing smelt profits in the water and got to work making their unique mark on the budding Generica tuning scene…

The aero’s mainly for show but can be adjusted to supply actual downforce!

No part of the car was left untouched. The engine had its internals strengthened to handle fifteen psi of boost and the exhaust was enlarged to ensure the engine wasn’t strangled. The standard fitment slushbox was replaced with a Bogliq Mutineer gearbox with a Torsen LSD. Wider touring tyres were fitted to 17" alloy rims and the interior was re-trimmed in leather with the rear seat sculpted to securely hold 2 adults, rather than a 3 seat bench. Brakes were upgraded in size and type and an extensive bodykit and re-spray in Leeroy Orange transform the Generica visually. Finally the suspension has been re-tuned to handle performance driving better without unduly affecting ride quality…

The result?

  • 0 - 100Km/h drops from 11 sec to 6.55 sec
  • Q/Mile drops from 17.94 sec to 14.82 sec
  • Top speed increases from 200Km/h to 232Km/h
  • ATT lap time drops from 2:58.4 to 2:29.26

Interested? Visit your friendly local Bogliq dealer to order one of our kits via the Parts counter and have it installed by the capable Bogliq technicians or take it home and install it yourself!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


TreadKillers 2017 Econobox Generica Kit

This is a Stage 4 crate build.
Stage 4 includes:

(Stage 1)

New Performance Intake
New Head/Tail-Lights
New Brakes

(Stage 2)

Full Body Kit (Front,Sides,Back,Wheelarches,Roof)
Full Turbo System with Intercooler
New Exhaust System
New Pistons

(Stage 4)

New 7spd Seq Gearbox
New Suspension

The whole Stage crate comes for 4000$ (plus Shipping) or can be converted by use for 5500$.


Econobox Generica - Loflyh RA-41.car (36.8 KB)
Customer: Hi there, I was wondering if I could get the tech-specs on this car, looks really nice but I kind of want to get a feel for it …you know?
Retro Age Motors: Feel for it? Just drive it, dodge potholes not test cones.
Customer: No, I mean I want to get an idea for how it …do you have text track results or no?
Retro Age Motors:Test track? Look, a test track ain’t nothing more than a artificial habitat built for cars. You want to touch a car’s soul? You gotta take it to the place it was built for and let …it …go! Dirt racing, take it to a dirt track, not a test track. Built for the urban jungle, then hit those mean streets with their bumpy, curvy, pothole infested, asphalt wildness …in short, drive the damn thing! Now give me $1700.00 as a down payment and go touch that car’s soul!

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway


’17 Matsunaga Overdriver Generi (base: Econobox Generica)

The original Generica has been refined into a great machine, without seriously sacrificing the fuel economy. It also has side skirts!


Shame, I’d like to try my hand at this but won’t be back until like a fortnight after the due date lol

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Just a reminder, only 3 more days for submissions! (Also @strop I’m really thankful you didn’t spell that with “ite”)


First, we start with a turbo-kit, that boosts horsepower to 257, with minimal lag. Revvin’ to 8500 with lightweight forged pistons in there. Pair that with a 6 speed, traditional manual, some 215 40R/16 Kassegawa low profile tires, and race inspired suspension.

We put in 4 racing seats with 5 point harnesses, so you can really feel that speed dawg. We replaced the front fascia, to allow more air for the turbo, and installed these sweet ground effects. Then we put a wing on it, and painted the whole thing in this color shifting paint, that’s really sweet when you cruise the block.

This car can get to 62 mph in 5.8 seconds, while still getting 35 mpg.


Just a reminder that there’s only 10 hours left for submissions!