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How much power is it, then? At any rate, the Ocelot’s swoopy shape and pillarless four-door body style ensure that it is best treated as a four-door coupe, more than a decade before the first CLS introduced the trend in real life.

around 209 horsepower

A fairly low specific output, then. By the way, the pictures suggest a normally DOHC unit with 4 valves per cylinder if I’m not mistaken - please correct me if I’m wrong. Even so, 209 horsepower seems like a more appropriate output for a medium-displacement six-cylinder engine than any early-90s quad-cam V8.

made in 4.2

(1961 - 1980 Mäkelä CitiBoy 600, Gen. 2)

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The late 60’s for Mäkelä were prosperous - not only were they riding off of the success of the MK1 CitiBoy, but they had several other successful models that were also still going strong.