Please delite this i remade it

please git rid of this its been remade here DM motors remake


That’s a downright supercar.

0-100 in 9.5 is really slow for 356HP. How many gears does the SC400 have? And what is the weight?

So this was a torque/economy build? I feel like 10L is a little bit overkill…

Good start though, don’t let me discourage you :smile:

let me check for you for the sc400

the sc400 is a automataic 4 speed and weighs 3000 pounds

A 10L V8 sports-/supercar with an automatic?

Also, 7.4 seconds is very slow for those stats either. Does it have wheelspin?

Hmmm. That 0-100 time is concerning. For example, a Honda S2000 with around 270HP can do it in under 7. At 356, you should be in the sevens too…

and the rockford was a mix btween a econmy and tourge

yes it has wheelspin

ill make better cars thiea re only the first cars that devos motors is makeing they wont be perfect

@devo343 Please avoid posting multiple times like what you have just done. Rather, edit your post and tag people when addressing specific people.


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@ramthecowy Remember the country.

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SC400… totally not a real car :stuck_out_tongue:

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In any case, when have you ever heard of Lexus getting into legal disputes… they’re too posh for court :stuck_out_tongue:

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