Pop-up headlights

Just a place to post cool pop-up headlights (and pop-down or other obscure ways of hidden headlights!) :smile:



They are barely pop-up headlights but that´s part of their charm




Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) - quite friendly-looking with the headlights deployed, in contrast to many modern cars, which look more like Angry Birds by comparison.

But with those lights retracted, it seems to have a more sinister face - like a snake waiting to strike (especially so on the facelifted Series 8, but still evident in this early Series 6 example).

I just wished that modern cars could have front ends that could exhibit a dual personality- going from cheerful one moment to aggressive the next - but the disappearance of pop-up headlights from the marketplace now means they can only have one or the other (usually the latter), but not both at once.


Yess fd3s

I like the re amemiya more tho ngl :stuck_out_tongue:



Another Far Eastern sports car of the 1990s that’s become one of my favorites of late: the Toyota MR2 SW20. I posted this because I saw a clean example out on the street for the first time in ages and was instantly reminded me of how good it was - and still is.

With the headlights retracted it looks quite sleek and futuristic, but when the lights are raised, it instantly looks a whole lot friendlier.

As an aside, the silver car in the top picture is an MR Spider (88 examples built, all sold in Japan) powered by a 200-bhp normally aspirated engine (3S-GE), while the red car in the bottom picture is a JDM GT-S with the punchier 242-bhp turbo engine (3S-GTE). It’s a pity that the two were never offered together in the same trim level - the resulting combination would have been a serious rival to other mid-engined convertibles such as a 986 Boxster or an S1 Elise of the same vintage, to say nothing of brawnier front-engined rivals including the Z3 M Roadster or even a TVR Chimaera.