Popas Transports


“Ahhh Welcome everybody to the glorious Popas Museum here in bylatiful Moskau! I am Vlad and i gonna be your guide for the day. Please follow me to the first room.”

"First a bit about our history: ‘Popas Transports’ were funded 1939 by the russian goverment to build war machinery for the World War. They mostly build engines for tanks and ships. After the War the company was retooled to provide the russian goverment with light and flatbed trucks. 1952 the goverment expanded the factory to also produce vehicles for the common public. Many of those are parked in this museum.

1948 Popas Rushba

“The first Rushba was still made for the army, but after the retooling it was the first car Popas made for the public. It still uses a lot of the old tech they had at the factory. For example the leaf axles are straight from some of their trucks, just shorted to make them fit. Engine is just a 1.3L Inline 3 engine making many hp. By many i mean 44. But hey, was good enough to move the family plus Babuschka through the snow.”

1955 Popas Rushba

"Here we see the first Popas for everybody. 48.263 Ruble would get you this 4 door with a whole 71hp and a 0-100 of 14.6 seconds. Of course that didnt really matter. People just wanted to get around and thats what they did. Some of these are still around! Most of them are even lighter than they were build! Rust is always a bad time… but yes. 71 hp from a 1.7L Inline 4, 5 ‘seats’ but at least you would get a radio for your money. The only channel was the goverments radio but hey, better than nothing.

“We also have the 1965 version here. Under the hood not much changed but hey. I guess what is not broken you dont need to fix! Hahaha. Well they did update the design though with a lot of new elements. They also made a Rally version of this! Follow me.”

“This was made for the Rally De Semyonovian. As you can see it did got quite the upgrade. The russian goverment always had money if it was about showing how great russian engineering was. On the outside
you can instantly see the new fog lights and the windscreen guard. The car also got fitted with pretty big offroad tyres. Under the hood is the same 1.7L Inline 4 but now with a more performance tune. A whole 90hp! It wasnt the fastest in the rally but it did show what they could do”

1955 Popas Moskwa

“Old habits die hard. And just because Popas werent producing tank engines anymore doesnt mean they didnt made military vehicles at all. The Moskwa was made to be a dirt cheap dirt master. What they didnt spend on metal panels, went into the drivetrain. These things were running big 2.7L I6’s. It may only did 90hp but this was made for pulling ammo and such. 5 armymen could fit into these, even more when you remove the tent this thing is hulled in. Some of these are still used today!”

1960 Popas KAR-129

“Ahhh yes. This is something very special. How you show whole world that you are best at thing? Make a Record! Problem, everything your designers know are how to design war vehicles. This was meant to be the fastest roadcar and show the world how great communism can be. As you can see it was desigend by people who als make submarines, thats where the name comes from. The body was made by an russian plane manufactor and the engine was a special one off. In the back this Land-marine? Sub-Vehicle? Whatever… got a 6L V8 producing 305hp. Normally this is engine for light boats but with new headers and some tune it was able to get to the 250km/h mark! Sadly the project never went farer than that one publicity stunt. It was parked in a shed and forgotten there. But we did manage to fine and restore it! A real unique piece”

1962 Popas Cheechi

“Our next car is the Cheechi. This was not made for the common people. These were mostly build for goverment workers. 4 premium seats and a ‘nice’ 2 speed Automatic. In the front a 4L V12 rumbles, producing 120hp. Back in day politicians where drivin around in these, today they are a pretty rare thing. But they like to pop up hiding in barn. To the next vehicle”

1975 Popas Leningrad

“Ahhhh the Leningrad. The workhorse of the nation. These were mostly made for military, but some did go through to the common people. Engine is 5 cylinder with 2.6 litre, making almost mighty 100hp! But dont get me wrong, this could still move everything you want! It even came with 4x4 and lockable Differentials from the factory. This thing is really popular with the farmers and such. Its an easy, unconplicated machine. So if you want there is a Snack bar where you can get som…”

1978 Popas Rushba

“I think every knows these. They are everywhere here and thanks to dashcams, also a well seen vehicle in russian dashcam videos. The 1978 Rushba. Even i had to do my driving test in one of these. Not this one. This is a original first generation. They were of course also available as Sedans. 2.8L I4 coughing out 95hp.
We also have some other specs here:”

“This is for example a 1983 Rushba. Not only is this the sedan version, this is also the sport version. Somehow they managed to design a Turbo for these! Legends say these were old Tech stolen by the goverment. Not many Turbo Sports were build. Most of them were used in convos for bodyguards. Funfact: Instead of using the old 5spd gearbox this comes with only 4 gears! And if you take a look here:”

“Here we got the last facelift. 1995 they did the last redesign of the car but they still produced them in the 2000’s. Same engine than the first one. But now it manages to get a whole 98hp! Everything else pretty much stayed the same. Oh it had nicer seats. But i think most people sat at least in one of these once.”

1980 Popas Tachanka

“Now this is something. The Popas Tachanka. A true ride for the leaders of this union. This was made to drive the president and their guests safely from A to B. 5L V12? Check. Bulletproofing? Yep. Smokescreen? Of course. Extra 10cm extendable steel plate for the rear window? Yep. Handels for a possible airlift? How could you live without them! 4 barrel concealable guns made by Kalashnikov. Nah that would be crazy! But this has them. This example got restored after a gang boss was shot in it and the rest of the members had a gunfight. We are very glad we can have this marble of russian engineering here. Oh we also have some old files from the US you can read them here if you want:”


1982 Popas Blinsky

“The Blinsky was always there to be a bit more upscale and sporty than the Rushba. For this they thrown in a 2.5L V6 into the back of this! 120hp of performance. For you and 4 others. These were less popular in Russia itself, but got quite a following in East Europe.”

“Here we have an later model of the Blinsky. While most of them were 4 doors, they also made 2 door version of them for other markets. So this example was build here, exported to Poland and then reimported here!”

1985 Popas Artyom

“Did you ever thoughed to yourself: ‘Ya know. The Rushba is great an all, but i need something even cheaper’? Probally not because you are here, but for some even the Rushba was to much luxus so they got this: The Artyom. In this 3 Meter car they thrown a rear mounted 0.999L Inline 3. That little engine made around 40hp which was really enough for this. But what do you get, you ask, for your non-money? Weeeell You do get 5 seats. If you wanna sit in them is another story. If you want a radio you have to bring your own and fasten it on the glove-… shelf. Power Steering? No. ABS? Good joke. Airbags? pfffffff. But hey. You do get cloth roof you can open. Totally not a thing they did to save money. But these thing had another use funny enough. If come here…”

“They made a goverment version! Haha for guys. Well to be fair, these were only meant to be drivin from one building to the next and so on. This things are quite speedy even. They changed the engine to a 1.7L Boxer 4 which cranks out 123hp. Good enough to reach almost 200km/h. With the new 4 gear gearbox it even got a decent 0-100 of 7 seconds instead of… 13… Furthermore they increased the interior quality. Not only the seats but also a build in radio. No not the music one the coms once.There are stories of these going after criminals tho. Mostly through thin city streets but its something”

1991 Popas Kvass

“Ahh the Kvass. Small but capable. This little car was made for those who wanted a small car, but lived in the more remote areas where the street conditions are just bad. Full Offroad Suspension with a lockable FWD.
2.3L I4 with 106hp. But the engine was made for Torque and if you have drivin one of these you would know that these things live on the dirt roads.”

“We also have the convertible version! Why they build these? No idea. Maybe the vodka was cheap that day”

1992 Popas Cheechi

“Ahhh the Cheechi. I have one of these. Got it from my dad when he got something else, but yes the car. This is what you got in the 90’s when you had more money to spend. Basicly if you wanted to be the biggest man in your block, you got thise. Plush premium seats and a nice 3.5L V8 in the front. They even made this front wheel drive. These were also quite quick with a Top Speed of 230 and a sub 9 seconds 0-100 time. The Automatic in this was one of the proudest things back then. I still remember when my Papa drove me to school in this. Many jealous looks…”

2001 Popas Rushba

“Welcome to the 2000’s everybody. And how to celebrate it better than with a new Rushba, all freshly made for the new thousand. I dont think i really need to talk much about this. I am pretty sure most of own one, or came in a taxi which uses these. But yeah another generation of russians people mover. 2.5L 120hp Inline in the front, power goes to the rear, what you want more? Well if you would wanted more you buy a Cheechi. Also voted “Best Dashcam Video Protagonist 2015”. Well not really but you get what i say”

2005 Popas Blinsky

"Also in the ‘You probally sat in one of these’ : The Blinsky. It still follows the steps of this father by being a rear engined sportscar, but still be liveable with. On the inside we have 5 seats. Basicly the same as the Rushba but that doesnt have to be a bad thing. In the rear we have the powerplant. A 2.7L V6 starting at 130hp. On a base level this is a more faster Rushba, but most people didnt got these as a normal sedan but rather as the coupe or even the convertable.

“Thank you for visiting the Popas Museum. Please come back when we have new stock!”


Yes, a million times yes.

Now I really want to flesh out my museum idea


So this is what motoring behind the Iron Curtain looked like. I wonder how well the Kvass would have fared in Western Europe after the Cold War ended…

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Love it! From a non-Russian’s point of view, these look very Russian! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to the Popas Dealership! Here, we are showing of all the Popas currently on sale!
So grab a strong coffee and have a look around!

Popas Rushba

“Ahhhh This is the car which makes the motherland move around! The latest Rushba! Running on a 2L SOCH I4 this baby is pushing out modest 115hp. The power is getting pushed through the front wheels moving this little car from 0-100 in 9.5sec. Yeah its not fastest but you sure will have fun. The car comes with 5 seats. And some basic stuff for infotainment, but hey! This is only the Base model. At least you will get ABS and Power Steering for you 737439,89 Rubel.”

“We also have it here as a People Mover if you ever need a bit more space”

"Ah this is more interresting. This is our People Mover version, but with the sport trim! It comes with a bigger engine AND a Turbo! That engine will give you 187hp in every body variant you want! Also you get nicer wheels. Well they are still steel… but they do look nicer. And oh yeah you get best cloth seats in this, we even put extra padding into this! Oh we also fitted Traction Control so you dont drive straight into snow.

2016 Rushba Sputnik

"I see you are a mafiaboss. I MEAN buisness man. For people like you we have the Sputnik. Our latest option for the Ultra Luxury man. Everything about this was made to make the ride as comfortable as possible. The four seats are hand build by our manufactory. We ensure that every person seated will get the same amout of luxuries. It doesnt matter if driver or passenger. Every ride is like a good vodka. The outside is designed to make anyone feared who dares to stand in its way. The Sputnik also doesnt look like luxurious, it also sounds like that thanks to the 9L V16 engine propelling this up to 300km/h. We will even customise the car how you want. Our staff will run you through every step. Interrested? Prices start at 700k$ with delivery time of 2 to 3 months.

“Thank you for visiting our Dealership. Come back again if when we got new stock for you!”


Which of these words means vodka?

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-1952 Rushba
-1965 Rushba
-1955 Moshwa
-1960 KAR-129
-1985 Artyom
-1992 Cheechi
-2001 Rushba
-2005 Blinsky
-2016 Sputnik

-1978 Rushba
-1980 Tachanka


Hey @Mikonp7… Is Boris???