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Keep up the good work!

Im wondering why there is such a big price difference between cars - the most expensive costs 8x more than the cheapest. Isn’t that like comparing a 458 with a gt86, unless you were comparing cars with similar capabilities regardless of price eg 911 turbo s vs gt-r

It’s all about usage; as Vector and Erin are supposed to give unleaded fun cheaply, Airborne is just a supercar without two cylinders (after terrifying result from Hades project) and actually was going cheaper and cheaper throughout the years. My car was made as pinnacle of prestige in company for late 70s and to mid 80s. All about idea bruh

Well, yes, in terms of prize there is no direct comparision, but the cars have some-what similar performance. What is interesting, is to see 3 different approaches into a single goal, in that time those were the sportier cars in their company line-up, and each has a different style, the maximum performance out of cheaper arrangements (combat), quality materials and construction in a british car (Erin) and expensive-prestigious design (Mercury).

Truth to be told, those were the first cars I found from that era in the forum xD . I actually didnt recive that many entries, I looked for them and then ask if I can review them, that’s why they have different price ranges and style. Must of the cars in the magazine were designed previously, instead of being specifically built for a comparision in certain category or a review.

Really impressive work. I’m truly enjoying reading these articles and the photo work is so good that I actually always look forward to what exciting shots will be on the next page - just like I would with a “real” car magazine.

Well, it seems the latests post weren’t imported, so I’m (re)posting the next close encounter article.


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New article up!
This time is a brief guide for turbocharging using the 1975 technology.


Great guide! Nicely written and well formatted, definitely looks like it could come from an actual magazine!

I have never been able to find any success with low A/R ratios, however. The torque curve always peaks early and then drops, and horsepower suffers as a result. I have no idea how you were able to achieve identical torque curves with two different A/Rs, haha.

Do you think you post your engine with a few different variants for us to play around with?

Different turbocharger sizes on both compressor and turbine.

That is right. With the first two examples, the first one uses an AR ratio of 0.82 a compressor size of 50 and a turbine size of 50.5 with a medium intercooler. The second one uses an AR of 1.04 a compressor of 50.5 and a turbine of 40.5 with a large intercooler.
Remember, with an AR ratio lower than 1 you need a larger turbine and a smaller compressor. The disvantage of using a lower AR ratio is that the boost will fade out quickly in comparision to a larger AR ratio.

Here are the engines used in the article for you to take a look.
Sillyworld - Meliora Engine Example.zip (171.9 KB)

My small turbine/high AR version of the Eco engine:

Gets slightly better performance with 19.8% efficiency vs. the original 17.6%. The turbo spools quicker at 2100RPM vs 2300RPM and boost lasts longer through the torque curve. Costs are lower because I switched from throttle per cylinder to single throttle.
41mm compressor - 32.3mm turbine - 1.16 AR Ratio - 0.47bar boost

That’s a nice engine with a high economy for 70s standards. I forgot those engines have individual throttles xD.

Anyways, next close encounter is here. I was supossed to publish it yesterday but life happens. This is the 8 out of 10, so first issue is almost done!


as always, another good review, keep 'em coming

@cpufreak101 thanks :slight_smile:
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On to the next review!
I had a hard time finding cars that actually aligned with the body correctly, so bear with me with the pictures :disappointed:

EDIT: Erin car company in automationhub!

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What a fantastic review of the Civera. Thank you so much!

@DeusExMackia Well, thank you for sending it :smiley:

Next article, the decade of the communitasia!
With this, I close the first issue of the magazine. I was going to add a buyer’s guide section, but there is not much case now with the buyer’s guide thread. I’ll upload the full issue in a zip later. For the moment entries for the next issue are closed, as I want a to take a break from the magazine to finish some mods and to actually play some automation! thank you to all who send their cars and thank you to all the readers and commenters :writing_hand:

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love it :smiley:

@cpufreak101 Thank you. You know what’s interesting about the communitasia? It has the highest value/price coefficient! Almost twice than the previous cars that I reviewed (the Civera and the Combat). You really get a lot for that price.

In other news, links to download the full thing now in the OP.

@Sillyworld well then, guess i’m good at cheapness then lol, but anyways, now the question is, what’s the next issue going to be?

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