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1970-1979: First issue

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Comparison: Unleaded and fun
The oil crisis and the imminent lead fuel ban might be the dead of muscle cars and big sporty cars. Yet, the manufactures still can pull some interesting choices that are fun and with a sport feeling, mantaining decend fuel economy while using unleaded fuel. >>> Go to comparison

  • Vector Combat Mutineer (1975 - conedodger)
  • Erin Comprida Sv6 Turbo MKII (1978 - DeusExMackia)
  • Airborne Mercury Coupe (1978 - Oskiinus)


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This looks good :slight_smile: I like how you’ll be going back to different decades, not just new models. When will you be accepting submissions? I already have something perfect for the Close ENcounter section.

Seems interesting, although your logo doesn’t seem period correct. But I suppose that’s a matter of preference.

If you are going to cover an entire decade I think you to have more features. 3 in-depth reviews to cover an entire decade seems rather exclusive.

Cheers - Racer13

I have the perfect set of cars for the In Depth Section.

As soon as the next big updated is ready! So, maybe, in about 2 weeks I hope. I still want to tweak and explain a few things before that.

The logo will change, that was a fast logo just for presenting the idea. I think I will cover 4 years peer issue now (1970-1973, 1974-1977, 1978-1981…) I think there are enough magazines to cover the more modern cars :laughing:
I’ll update the OP with more info soon.

I have a car for the “Close Encounter” section. But since it seems to be a concept heavily based around the story surrounding the car, should we send that in with the car as well?

1970’s G series coming right up!

That will help yes. At least, what type of car it is (concept car, a future model that eventually will go on the streets, a car that was cancelled and only a few were produced, etc).

I’m planning include some sort of buyers-guide-markets-thinggy, like this:

With the prices and stuff of the featured cars. You can send your 70s company line-up, even if it is not reviewed, more info on that later. So you can compare your cars with others, or get a feeling for a 70s market in the automation universe.
As you can see in the example (those are not realistic figures) there are 3 prices: Market price, MSRP and price today. The first one is the price (profit included) in the market tab, MSRP is the suggested price for the year the car is released. I’m using this for that → usinflationcalculator.com I know that the inflation is not correctly calculated, and that the automation money units (or Automoleons as I call them) are not dollars, but it’s just something esthetic. And price today is the *suggested *price for a used car in good conditions.

I use the next table for production and limited cars:

I know that’s not how a car is depreciated, but again, is something esthetic with no effect, and making a more realistic calculator for that would be quite complex for a simple fictional car magazine :laughing: It’s fun to see how a car would cost new and how much it would cost used. [size=85](By the way, the used price for trim A is 6,066)[/size]

EDIT: by the way, I edited the OP.

I modified the date a little bit, instead of waiting for the next update, I’ll just wait for when the open beta is released, then I’ll be taking cars to review (Hopefuly, around next week). I also change a little bit the issue-per-decade system, instead of a fixed span of years (1970-1974) I’ll accept cars from 1970-1979 for this and the next issue, then a mixed issue with both 70’s and 80’s cars, and then again 2 issues with only 80s cars and so on. So pretty much 2.5 issues per decade :laughing:

Well, the open beta will be in maybe around 2 weeks, and I don’t want to wait more to do the reviews, so, now you can send your cars!

Silly, is there still a place for my car? Because I’ll send my car when I’ll fix my strange errors with export.

Your Mercury had a place secured in the first issue!

In another news, I just started working in the reviews, hopefully the first issue will be out in around 2 and a half weeks! There is a place available for the Close Encounter section!

I have something coming in that would fit the category nicely. Would you be willing to wait 2 days for me to get the job finished? It’s an experimental lightweight sports car prototype of 1975.

Yes I would :smiley:


Yes I would :smiley:[/quote]

Cool! I’ll send you the .zip and background information as soon as possible. What about photo editing? I can’t do any real photoshop work but I can do my usual “black background” treatment if it helps. I hope this won’t be a problem…

Don’t worry, I’ll write the other reviews meanwhile. And for the pictures, don’t sweat about it, I want to try the Squidhead’s techniques for photoediting :laughing:

Now things are getting exciting!

If you have any questions - don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:

My “CLOSE ENCOUNTER” car with its back story has been sent!

Prepares for bad review about the Daziru Hk

In all seriousness, I’m expecting good things from Sillyworld.