Porsche body?

can anyone make a porsche body. i know rear engine is not yet made but it can be mid engine too :stuck_out_tongue:

or front engine like the 944

RR layout are going to be in the open beta. So it is a matter of days before it will be available to anyone.

The 944 was front engine…

In which day I can download the open beta?

Check this post.

Tomorrow 18 september 2015

I will probably make an entry-level sportscar similar to the 944/924 one day. Whether to make it a proper sportscar or something with the engine of a van is up to the gamer. :slight_smile:

it would be nice if you could, then i can develop it for a car company, have them say they can’t afford it/want it then just sell it as a poor mans version of my own brand

968/Boxster too plz. PLZ.