Potential bugged stats with Mini car bodies (UE4.21/Steam)

This is what happened with a Kei Truck I made in Automation using one of the new official Mini Truck bodies, where the stats gave either a NaN value or some other very weird values in the specs. It appears to happen with almost all micro/kei body cars (spanning both modded and official models) with modded bodies often causing a crash before I can reach the end of the build.

These were taken from the UE 4.21 version found in the Steam Store, and provided both pictures of the one of the I was able to export and a copy of my exported .car data to let you guys check this model out and see if this is a legitimate bug or just some corrupt data on my end.

Kei Truck - Bugged Stats.car (30.0 KB)

Steam Username: Pikachu [ 11 ]

It looks like we somehow fixed the issue in our current dev build, not deliberately mind you. We’ll keep an eye on if it is working in the next patch we put out. Cheers!