Potential idea for show/video series like top gear? (but in Automation)

I’ve wondered, what it could be like to host a “show” like Top Gear or season 1-3 of the Grand Tour, where we talk about different cars, like maybe about cars made by other players, specs, design, do challenges in BeamMP with our automation cars, a car to lap around the automation test track by a specific driver and put it on a board, and talk to someone about what they do, and have them drive a reasonably priced car around the track, and compare them to others’ time.

Not sure how this would play out in reality though, so I’d appreciate some suggestions/ideas/other thoughts.
This would probably be something after 4.2 is merged with public stable, since, well, game mechanics and stuff :P.


It would certainly be interesting, and maybe to discuss with people who do written reviews of cars as well, to put a little more focus on the cars as well, the “stars in a resonably priced car” sounds like a lot of fun if it was the same car and different drivers (maybe the creator of that weeks/months car if they have beam, if not oh well) and some kind of leaderboard is certainly cool. Automation stig i would be up for driving various cars sounds good and then just beammp races with the show hosts, and possibly any magazine writers or things.


Sounds good, I am not a very good writer (grammar moment), although I can write down all the topics quite well, so we will need to see who is gonna do that.
I’d be glad to make the reasonably priced car, although i probably would need a lot of feedback so that it satisfies most of the players.
Maybe too we could have a look at cars posted in car showcase, and talk about them.

For the automation stig we prob could like have different players drive 3 or so different cars around the track and pick the best one out them.

You could also hide their identities as to preserve the idea of a mysterious tame racing driver.


you mean to avoid salt when their car is “shitty” to drive right :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah i’d select them anonymously

If you seriously get salty over a Top Gear parody, you’re clearly doing something wrong.
Or maybe not, since it’s Top Gear after all.


Great idea. In that case, however, it’s not only their lap times that will be compared, but also other attributes, such as handling balance, acceleration, braking, etc.

I would request them to send a replay file so then I can look at it (ofc If I were to get help from others with analysing it I wouldn’t say who lapped it)