Pre order proceeds

i was just wondering… what have the proceeds from the pre orders been used for so far ?

Pretty sure they don’t actually get the money until the end of the Rockethub pledge drive.

ohhh … facepalm

This :mrgreen:

if you go on the rocket hub page tho you can see how much they have taken :slight_smile:

Only 9% allready, 53 day’s left and $91,930 left. That’s still 1,735 a day to go… What happens if this fails?

To quote our rockethub page “If we do not reach our goal, we will still push on to get the game done but it will take significantly longer and some planned features may need to be cut.”

Note: unlike Kickstarter, Rockethub is not all-or-nothing. No matter what, The Automation team gets the money that’s already been pledged. They encourage to set a rather high goal to shoot for the stars.

^THIS^ :slight_smile:

Have you guys considered doing a kickstarter page as well?

I am seriously loving this “game” and think you should get all the support you can. Kickstarter seems to be a lot more popular than the other… site (i forgot what it was called). It was made famous by the obvious success of several games on there. I think it would be worth giving it a shot?

Kickstarter was looked-at back when we did the RocketHub thing. The requirements for Kickstarter involve being a US citizen with a US bank account, which rules us out.

Only for US based users :frowning:

Surely you could just hire someone from the US and then channel the funds to you guys? hah!

This can be a rather complex process, but some people from outside US have registered and sucessfully complete a Kickstarter project.

The main example is “Xenonauts” (spirtitual successor of UFO Defense). Chris, the main lead of the project, is based in London, and with the help of a US lawyer, which has follow the project from the very beginning, they managed to register successfully on Kickstarter, and Chris had full access of bank account.
However, it costs him a thousand of dollar for this (but the Xenonauts Kickstarter bring 150 000$ on the table).

I’m not saying it will be easy, but you can mail Chris, he’s a really cool guy, and I’m sure he can give you some hint about his (long) journey to Kickstarter.

The next “direct” solution is to go to Indiegogo, which is the “international” version of Kickstarter, but less known.