Hi all,

I’m new to the forum :slight_smile:

I have been watching your development updates and now that it is up for pre-order, I have a question :slight_smile:

When you buy one the the two versions, when the full version comes out do I just download it (once it is out) or do I pay for it again because it’s not a beta?



It’s the full game you pay for, the extra content for the Demo is just a bonus.

If you pre-order you will get the full game when its completed and it won’t cost you anything (because the preorder has already paid for it)

will have to say guys if your saying that i have preorderd the game for $35 and i get the full copy when its out that is a bargain. would be expecting to put at least $50 into a game like this as it is so unique.

Thumbs up for value

Very nice :wink:

If you want to put in more money no one would prevent you … just go to … ycoon-game and do what ever you like to support the great work of the developers.


I think the devs prefer you to make an other account and use that to pre-order again.

Why should they? … They can get more money when you support them big on Rockethub :wink:

As you probably should now as a Platinum Supporter


Rockethub takes a cut :wink:

Yeah, rockethub takes a cut (and our campaign is finished now)

ohh okay …

Don’t know that then i haven’t said anything