Preorder: Supercharged and Turbocharged Editions

Just wondering why the “Turbocharged Edition” has been changed to the “Supercharged Edition”? Is it to differenciate between who joined earlier on in the games development from those later on?

Am i right in saying the only difference between the two is access to a free download of the soundtrack?

Yes, you are right. And in order to avoid confusions between “with and without soundtrack” the name has been changed.

Good stuff. Will be nice to see who’ve been here since the start too :slight_smile:

While “since the start” really is silver, gold and platinum supporter level or even before that, where there were no special ranks heh.

I probably should have said “somewhere since just before the engine designer was completed to recently” haha.

I had wondered what the Silver, gold and platinum were on some peoples profiles though too. Thanks for clearing that up aswel.

In which order are they though? Platinum first (oldest), gold second and silver third?

There’s no chronological order for those ranks. The devs made a Rockethub funding campaign some years ago and depending on how much you spent you got one of those ranks. See here.

Ah ok, I get ya!, it’s the same as kickstarter. Awesome to look back and see what the game was like in that video back then to where its got to now and seeing the vision you guys had coming to life.

So does this mean that because I joined (literally) 7 hours late, I will forever be looked upon as a “common folk”?

Of course! You are a mere peasant of the Automation community :stuck_out_tongue: No, but seriously: who f-ing cares? You bought the premium edition of the game and thus support its development… and get beefcake V16s, which is a plus.

Haha… Thanks. I’m actually really excited for the V16s.

I got the supercharged version but i dont see any v16s am i doing somthing wrong?

They aren’t released yet, you will get them when they are completed.

They probably will be done after the game is finished as DLC, but we get them for free, if I’m not mistaken, so a sort of seasons pass? I think I read that somewhere. Would be cool if they were exclusive though, I mean, not many cars can fit V16’s anyways xD (And we’ll be the only ones to have the 12k redlines because we can run these with ridiculously low bore, mwuahah)

yes we get the V16s and superchargers for free when they will be released.