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Previous car not un-loading in the car designer

I’ll just explain how I got here. So I selected a car from the main menu to mess around with it, I wanted to use it for a reference for something else so I did what I needed to and I switched to a different car from access car projects button at the top. When this car loaded it up it appeared to have not removed the previous car from the lift. I reloaded the truck from the menu and it was still there, it wasn’t until I swapped to the original car from the menu and then swapped back to the truck from the menu was it fixed.


Maybe its already been pointed out, maybe even noted down somewhere and mentioned to us already that this is a bug but just in case ill put it up. My pc wasn’t loaded up so I’m assuming using the car projects button and loading a car from there prevented a check to occur and didn’t de load the previous car, that’s what I’m assuming but I don’t know.

Sorry for the lack of imagery it just happened and I freaked out since I didn’t believe at the time that I saved the .car file of the truck. Here’s some photos of the two different vehicles after the fact, they both used mod fixtures and the truck was on a mod body, gizmos evil speedster body iirc