Pricing for other currencies?

As you know, Steam release is near and Steam uses more currencies than $$$. One of them is Turkish Lira (₺). Right now, Turkey is near to a economic crisis and it is losing value against dollar and euro (Few years ago 1.5TL were equal to 1 dollar. Right now its 2.6 TL for one dollar.). At the moment when we compare Turkey with a European country, We pay more for games (search up Aral Game and Steam. Aral Game is one of the worst companies and the company which forces us to buy CoD AW for 300TL (114 dollars)). If we want to expand our community to other countries too, devs should do something. If I remember right, devs were allowed to set the price for other currencies so we wont have the buy the game for 78TL while the minimum wage is 800TL.

Steam automatically adjusts pricing depending on exchange rate. The euro for example is going down the drain right now thanks to Dr. Mario. So we pay 27 EUR or 30 USD. The same is done for Turkish Lira, the sales price will be TL49.00 at launch. We won’t adjust pricing beyond that as it is more or less impossible for us to keep up with all these things.

Do they hold a gun to your head and say “give me 300TL NOW!”? I doubt it. So you are not forced to pay anything.

Thanks for the reply, killrob. Also the pricing is pretty low. You are right too. But I was talking about the AW because just like I said, the game industry in Turkey is in a very bad position atm. I asked about it in order to help about sales, but the current pricing pretty low, actually its REALLY low, so there is no need for anything special, thanks for answering again :slight_smile: