Problem with Scenario

I must give credit to the team on the work they have done so far especially on the new update and I have enjoyed playing on it :smiley: . However I do have a small problem with the Hatchback GTI challenge because it says “Congratulations, you succeeded. Your score is 1621 and your rank is Gold. Next rank Platinum at 1621” :confused: . I know it’s only a small glitch, but I like trying to get all the engines to Platinum so it is a bit of a pain. Cheers :smiley:

Glad you enjoy the new version and the scenarios with it :slight_smile:
That could actually be a rounding thing: 1620.99 is rounded to 1621 but smaller than 1621 :smiley:
I agree it is a glitch though, if the rounding is the issue, then the check for passing should definitely be done after rounding in this case.