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Problems with Accounts/Keys/Logins?

Anyone having problems related to game accounts, login details, keys etc. Please send an email to contact@camshaftsoftware.com with as much detail as possible! (please not just “I can’t login”!)

Assuming we’re awake and not at work, we can usually get you fixed up straight away

hi what are the keys all about and how do i get them

You get a key by pre-ordering. It will allow you to play the Demo (if you don’t pre-order, a public version will be released the 22nd) you will also get content updates as they are ready and of course it will allow you to play the full game when it’s finally released.

When I hit “play game” I will have errors untill the game shuts down :laughing: is there any way to fix this on my computer or is it the game :question:

Make sure you are running / starting the game with administrator rights… also, this probably belongs in either the support thread or in the bugs thread - in which this problem (if it’s the same) has been solved already.

my key is active, in game no have preorder i logged in my acc and nothing, please help me

You do realize the demo and the full game are currently the same right?

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how do you open the php file thats downloaded? :s

It shouldn’t download a PHP file, it should download a launcher exe file… hmmmm…

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is this game works on mac

@demille: Only if you dual-boot Windows on your machine.

The game is not Mac compatible but if you can get it to run on a virtualization program such as Parallels or Wine, or just install it on a Windows machine or on a Mac with Bootcamp.

Stay Dirty,

i recently formatted my hard drive, and after re installing this through the pre ordered menu, my active key, ETC…ETC… when i try and login after updating (and several restarts) it just simply tells me that my username was not found, am i wrong in assuming it is the same name that im using on the forum? i think that it was i was using before i wiped my drive, any help appreciated, thank you.

It is the same name you use here, yes. Make sure you get the caps in your username right too.

I know this thread is old, and this may be off topic, but i can get access to the DEMO version so far, even if i preordered. Does that mean i’m forced to play the demo until the full game’s out? Can’t play like the Beta?

Well, once you’ve bought it the “Play Game” button will unlock, which gives you all the current features like V8s and I6s

appreciate it, i feel quite potato right now.

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i cant access the demo on my computer. when i click “play demo” it just says “automation launcher has stopped working” idk what to do someone please help

Please help! i bought turbocharged edition 3 months ago, it worked fine, until today! when i try to login it says “Active key not found”, then i looked up in the forum and it said i don’t own a key! please, i don’t want to buy a new one, tell me what happened and fix it please! :blush:

Just the same happened to me today, playd it just yesterday, today i got the “active key not found” . And on the forum under control panel and automotation it says i dont own a key