Problems with ATI Radeon card

Previously my system had a GeForce 9800 GT card, with which all of my software ran fine. I switched motherboards, cases, and 3d cards and now I have an ATI Radeon HD 5770.

Now I get an error from the Automation launcher saying that my “display device doesn’t support a minimum resolution of 1280x …” followed by another error stating “graphics device does not support Pixel Shader 3.0”

I’ve got the latest version of AMD’s drivers, and I did a fresh install of Build 1003. I’ve also checked that the card supports Pixel Shader 5, and I’m running at a desktop resolution fo 1920x1080. This card might be better than my outgoing one on paper, but it’s compatibility issues have reminded me of why I stick to Intel + NVidia.

Hmmm, best guess I can come up with is if your motherboard has onboard graphics of some kind that when it’s querying DirectX to ask what it supports, that DirectX is reporting back the specs of the onboard card? If this is the case you can probably fix it by disabling the onboard graphics device in the BIOS.

However if you click through the error it should still run just fine anyhow, rather strange that it’s reporting it at all though.

No, the game crashes on launch after clicking through the errors. I’ll try that BIOS fix though.

Hey! Have you erased all the drivers with a DriverSweeper tool? Or was it a complete change with a reinstall of the OS?
And maybe sound ridiculous, but is your Monitor connected to the AMD Radeon? I am using 2 different Machines for automation, one with AMD HD6870 and a other one with a HD5650 - both work fine. So its not a Issue of AMD/ATI Cards. Could you list your complete HW Specs here?
Also could you please make a dxdiag and attach it here? (Press Windows+R on the keyboard and type in dxdiag) Could also help alot.


I have noticed no problem with my ATI Radeon HD3870 mine runs it well

Can you download and run GPU-Z and post up the screenshots?

It can be found here:

Ok, I did the following:

Guru3D Driver Sweeper for all Nvidia stuff.
Reinstall AMD Catalyst.
Install latest AMD Driver Beta version.

And now the game runs. thumbs up Thanks everyone.