Problems with Economy

So I was building an engine for the 24 Hour Endurance scenario, but had some massive issues with trying to get it to work right. Went away, came back a while later and started working on it again, but this time just within sandbox. I finally got something pretty close to what I was looking for (a few things to revise, but good enough to see how it looked in the scenario), but when I copied over all the variables to the scenario version of the engine, I got 3 major differences: economy, man hours, and cost. Not really sure of how these are different, but I decided to take a few pictures after double and triple checking my variables.

Build Number: 1323
Variables following the pictures (anyone not wanting to see these, please skip!)

Bottom End Quality 5
V8 Flatplane - Magnesium
Bore x Stroke: 3.386"x3.386"
Crank: Billet Steel
Conrods: I Beam Steel
Pistons: Lightweight Forged

Top End Quality 6
DOHC, 5 valve
AlSi Heads
Compression: 12.7:1
Cams: 60

Natural Aspiration

Fuel System Quality 8
Direct Injection
Throttle Per Cylinder
Race Intake
100 RON fuel
Fuel Mix: 14.0:1
Ignition Timing: 99
RPM Limit: 7900

Exhaust Quality 5
Race Tubular
Dual 2.50" Diameter
Cat. Converter: High Flow 3-way
No Mufflers

Man Hours and Cost are different because you have tech pool points in the scenario. This means you can build better quality parts with little extra money and man hours. The V8 scenarios run on older game code (before the economy calculations have been revised). They have not been rebalanced with the newer code yet, but this is low priority because they are still playable. They are just not 100% reproducable in the sandbox.

Okay then, that’d explain why. Thanks for the info!