Production Numbers

Hello I was wondering if you can control how many of a certain car you produce like Pontiac made only 8 1969 trans-am convertibles? and can you make convertibles?Thank you

Of course, it’d be a bit silly if you had no control over how many cars of each model/spec you made! :laughing:

And yep, should be convertibles, but the roof will stay on graphics wise

Should you wonder why: because that would mean all interior has to be modeled too, which is a lot of work and other things are more important. :slight_smile: Like getting the game out :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks you guys are awesome. Keep up the great work.

About ending the game. Do you have any ideas when the game comes out? I really want to buy to game but i want to buy it when the games finished…

If I recall correctly, “early 2014” was planned for a full release date.