Progress ?s

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I bought the stand alone version of the game and I am loving the dev tools that I have access to, but I had some questions. In the 1.4 build of the game I had a whole bunch of content that I made that got deleted with the 1.5 build update on the 28th. Wondering if that is going to happen to me again or, if it is how should I back up my data? Secondly with the content I make in the sandbox portion of the game am I going to be able to access my cars and engines in the tycoon mode from what I built in the sandbox? Also could we have the option of saving the engines/cars we build in the senario mode? Lastly I am extremely interested in when we may gain access to more engine and aspiration types? You all are doing an amazing job and I am not trying to rush, just looking for a ballpark time frame for single turbo V configurations, V6s, and superchargers. Keep doing the amazing job you are. :slight_smile:

V6s should be released soonish:

If you want to know what the devs are currently working on, Killrob is making videos regularly and seems to be starting to make 1 video/week, where he talks about the progress of the devellopment.

This will happen from time to time as the game evolves. There is a fan made converter here to pull the critical stats of last version’s engine files to excel for easy recreating.

I doubt it due to how they are thinking of implementing tech pool, r&d, and engineers in game.

V6’s are next and should be relatively soon (couple of weeks last I heard?) The whole forced induction setup will get a revamp but I’m fairly sure the tycoon system will be the main priority for a while.

Thank you for your responses, I have another question. I love the new engine family system, but I was wondering if there is any way that we would be able to change head type withing a family? It is common for an engine family to share block type but over the course of time have the head upgraded, EX. the the Toyota M family had single cam heads, twin cam heads, 12v heads, and 24v heads with varying head materials. :slight_smile:

As of now no. I’m also sad for this as I’m a fan of the Toyota A series which was sohc 8v and dohc in both 16v & 20v. The reasoning is changing the head type would involve significant retooling of the production line,ie. new head casts, different piston shapes, ect, It makes sense in game terms, but I do hope they eventually think of a way to implement some way to do it.

Nialloftara, I found a way around it a little bit. I decided to label my family as the Revision number as well as the Family letter. So if all first gen engines are pushrod I would label the family as 1A and then label each variant with the dsplacement so 1A25, 1A27, etc. that way when there is a major revision in the head design or block design i can designate a second generation call it 2A and the make my variants 2A25, 2A27, etc. Hope that helps us.