Projector Light

I remember the days of the game when car headlights shone in Beam properly. And it was a beautiful sight. Could you create a beautiful glow again, and preferably provide several lamp options to choose?
At the moment it’s some kind of projector, also very strong, so every time I’m wondering about the look of the car when I turn on the bulbs, even though I initially know what the result will be.
For example, you could suggest
special laser headlights.
incandescent lamp

Thanks for reading.

Probably the way automation exporter exports spotlights (basically lighting)

I’m not having the same issue. It depends on what fixture you use, and what material you use (some create the bright intensity, some don’t), but you may find the combination. The modular lighting mod’s projector housings are two-layered on the light. Be sure to not use tinted transparency on one of the layers, as that drops the brightness

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