PTT Pro Touring Tour

Pro touring tour

To: Anyone interested

Subject: Pro Touring Tour invitation.
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2015 18:46:32 -0300

You have received an exclusive invitation, to a world wide trip in which each antry will have their own car. but here’s the kicker, the car you must bring must be at least 40 years old, and it has to be a mass produced example, because the car you are going to be entering isn’t going to remain stock for long, not to mention the possibility of having to repair, (You don’t wanna mangle a unique precious one-off prototype) . As the title implies the tour entries will be modernized vehicles in which the cars in question are going to be street legal.
the car you are entering may be road illegal in pre-modified state, but as part of the modifications, it must be road-legal. (lights, and stuff)

The thing will go like this: the preparative stage of the event will consist in bringing in the car you are going to transform into a pro touring car. the car you will be entering must have at least 1000 twin brothers out there.

the car you are going to enter in premodified condition must be a STREET car, meaning that it should have a body that reflects that, any type of engine goes as long the engine can be made in 1975 or earlier, I dont care about the fuel it needs to run, because the engine will be ether replaced with a crate engine from FMU or an updated and tuned version of the engine it already has.



the next part will apply only to the modified cars

cars will be fitted with fuel tanks in relationship with the wheelbase so that way the landbarges are not at disadvantage while driving from stage to stage

Drivability and reliabilty will have weight in driving stage an unrealibale car will have greater chances of a minor and severe failure, a wild car will have greater chances of getting involved in a crash from minor to total loss.

you have until oct 10 to present THE STOCK CARS! you will have extra 2 weeks to fine tune the vehicles, at that time I will expose more parameters of thos tour/event/contest.

So, is it going to be in 2 stages? In other words, do we just submit a normal car and then later on submit a modified version or what?

Haven’t you made a challenge that was exactly like this not even two weeks ago?

Yes Microwave, because you would be using Sebastian Machado the third’s state-of-the-art shop in Montevideo.

And Leo, I was on a vacation so i wanted to put the idea out there before i leave. Now that i am back the mods can delete the old thread

So, are we able to build with the stuff in the Open Beta, or will I need to roll back my Automation install to the default Steam build? Also, any mod support, or base game stuff only?

So with the newer tune on the engine is there anything off limits or can we make any changes so long as its the same family? Can I swap in MPFI or DI rather than a carb? Are race headers or turbos allowed?

Manche, as much as I like the RP idea in the OP, you need to make a rules list.

I would greatly appreciate this also.

rules regarding updating the engine:



efi conversion

replacing internal materials

any type of header.


VVL, that would require a complete redesign of the engine block

Direct Injection, (not exactly a bolt on upgrade, would require basically designing new heads)

Free Exhaust

catalytic converters are mandatory
have at least one muffler, reverse flow is prefered

going beyond +10 in any category of engine section

In case you are not happy with the engine your car already has, you can ask me about the crate engines in stock. you may also use an engine another tourer has discarded.


regular unleaded fuel

standard/performance intake (we are going to do be driving through very punishing terrain)

Regarding bodywork

you can:

expand fenders

replace lights, handles and grills

add/remove vents

You cant

use another template (if you enter a 4 door wagon, it must remain so)

change the areas of the bodywork that affect the windows

No VVT? That’s a camshaft system and some computers, not something that involves the block. But hey it’s your rules. So you say we need to have at least 1000 examples sold, do we need some kind of minimum market score to signify that?

OKay I can allow VVT then, but not VVL

So can the rules be described a bit clearer? Are we supposed to make an old car that we update with new stuff? Like an old family car with a new modern variant? I have some old cars, but indeed how do we know we can use them. Is there some minimal competitiveness marketing score we need to achieve in any category for example?

Sorry, but I really do not get what we can or cannot send in. Should we go for sport cars for example?

any car body will go, as long it isnt beyond 12000 price tag when new

As I asked on the previous page, I’d like to know if this challenge will be Open Beta compatible. I’d also like to know if any Steam mods are allowed.

yes and yes

Rules are a bit clearer now, thanks. Just one question, what do you mean by regular unleaded? European regular is 95 RON [you literally can’t buy anything lower] whereas North American regular is 91 RON [although 95 RON is available]. In a global event you’d need to be sure that the appropriate grade of fuel is available locally.

regular according to the game, in my country the gast is rated at either Ron 95 or 97 but some places have lower quality gasoline, so ron 91 is a good choice.

And with this you mean the Automation set marketing price tag I guess? Not the total cost.

Could you perhaps update your OP with all the rules? That would make it much clearer for everyone who wishes to participate, but does not want to read individual posts to know what passes and what not.

About the $12,000 as new price tag, can that be at 0% profit or is there a minimum percent to be met?

at 0

Oh I see what you mean! I was talking about the total cost tab!

My bad