Purpose Reverse: The design flipping challenge!

The aim of the game is to take a design made for a particular type of market and modify it to become the complete opposite type of vehicle and make it sellable! As it stands the rules are very loose and up for modification and the end date is TBA, but here’s what currently defines the game:

  1. The original vehicle must be obviously designed for its intended market and ideally have been uploaded on the forum prior to entry here. This means no Pushrod vans or V8 city cars.

  2. The entrant’s vehicle must be changed to the most different market reasonably possible (i.e. No Family Budget converted to Family Sport), what the mirror categories are have not been decided but should be fairly obvious.

  3. The modified car must be a copy and you cannot change the body morphs or engine family, otherwise all modifications are free.

  4. The modifed vehicle must have its mirror category as its highest market, so no utility conversions that are better as pony cars.

  5. The modified vehicle’s mirror category must exceed 60 and be green indicating someone might buy it.

  6. Original .car file is to be submitted first before the modified version is entered.

Entries will be judged on how many points above 60 they achieve on the modified car and how well the design has been visually modified to meet its new market. To be clear, this is not a serious challenge and I strongly encourage sharing designs here and modifying eachothers’ entries!

For an example, I have a tiny NA Inline-4 2 seater sports car I made a couple weeks back that currently sells as a Track Budget. The modified car is turbo’d with low cams, lifted and fitted with 3 full seats like a McLaren F1 that sells best as an Offroad Budget.

Good luck guys, hope to see some wild designs!

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This seems interesting but I don’t exactly have a car that I can use for this…

I would recommend you look through the sharing section and use something you like there; with their permission ideally.

You could also make any car you like, but just try to avoid improving stats that aren’t useful to its current purpose.

Does it have to be in one specific market, such as Fruinia, or can it be in any market?

Any market, but it’s a major scoring element so it’s not really desirable to just barely pass. Obviously a 60 score pretty car will beat a 65 score ugly/unconverted design, but it’s definitely not going to come first (Unless everybody barely meets the requirement).

60 seems a bit low for the market score requirement, in my opinion. I would suggest upping it to more like 80 or 90.

Considering how the car has to take on body type penalties and most likely unideal suspension type and cylinder count, I want to leave it reasonably low for now. If entrants end up being mostly over 80 or 90, I’ll probably raise the limit then, but it may only be on certain markets which may be easier to convert than others.

The 1985 Pantera MW6: Love at first sight

My Luxury segment car, that you can use and modify if you want :slightly_smiling_face:
A modified version was supposed to be my submission, however a new idea sparked in my head, so…
Go ahead and use it as you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Pantera_-_MW6.car (36.6 KB)

Pantera MW6 Utility!

Why haul your gear in a dinky ol’ pick-up truck when you can cruise around in a Limousine Utility V12, or LUV for short.

The barest of bones makes this beast score 82 in Utility with no other score exceeding it.

Pantera_-_MW6_Utility.car (47.9 KB)

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