QFC20 - Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday (Concluded)

Round 2 - the Bottom Tier

@IDK158 - Tiharris Frizhall Sport
Odd, disporportioned looks, particularly the grille and headlights. 14th place at each track event, last sportiness, and low placement all around except comfort, where it won 1st. Frankly that’s amazing considering the cross ply tire decision.

@HighSpeed85 - Mallpark GTG3H-1
OK this car is not good. 12" wheels, yellow on purple body, this thing is a mess subjectively, just look at those mirrors for instance. Last in Drivability AND also in most performance specs, 2nd-last at the track events, and reliability. Was this a meme car?

@Knugcab - Authie et Dallier 825 GT (I had to rename it a bit to keep the exporter from crashing)
Beautiful, simple but elegant car that subjectively scored near top marks. Last in Economy but it doesn’t have much horsepower. Mid to mid-lower pack elsewhere but 15th place price on top of all this means the end of the line for this pretty car.

@Happyhungryhippo - Primus Alpha G3
Not very attractive, but it does perform (in a straight line, at least.) This is the drag racer of the group both in tire stance, and the figures. It came in 1st in the 0-100KPH and 1/4 mile. This oddly proportioned car looks front engined, but isn’t. 2nd in Drivability, Last in Service Costs, probably because of the heavily staggered tires. All of this with the 2nd-most expensive cost puts the Alpha lower pack. Buy this one though if you want to brag for speed.

@xsneakyxsimx - Vercetti Pantera V8
This charming little convertible placed last in at the 2 track events, Prestige, and Safety. 2nd least Comfort, and near-last in all performance specs. Still, it looks nice. Just needs an injection of horsepower. HOWEVER, it is cheap! 1st place price, by a lot.

@Bbestdu28 - BMA Mistral
Subjectively, this scored low due to the odd looks, though the proportions are there. Did OK at the track and in performance, top Prestige, Last Reliability, 2nd-last Service Costs, and Expensive (14th place).

More to come, thanks for being patient as I churn through all of these.


Just curious how close/far the second cheapest was? Also, the picture for it seems to be broken but maybe that’s just my browser.

yet again I accidentally make a luxury car in a sports car challenge. Yet again, its a dark blue grey Tiharris coupe. A great hosting nontheless, like you said, we lose all opportunities we dont take. At least I got 1st for smth

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Kinda pointless but I decided to tweak the car a bit after the fact… bored the engine out closer to the 4000cc limit, threw a performance intake and exhaust headers on and swapped the 2-barrel for 4-barrel carbs

I’ll share full details once I wrap everything up, but you were 2400 cheaper than the next one and more than 6000 cheaper than the average. I need to repost your picture, it does look like the code is wrong.

Send me the updated .car file and I’ll run some comparisons for you after the conclusion of the official entries if you like.

May as well chuck it up here. I’ve already finished towards the back of the pack

QFC20_-xsneakyxsimx-_Vercetti_Pantera_V8_II.car|attachment (43.9 KB)

Round 3 - Mid-tier

@Ch_Flash - Miller RTO C1
Stunning silhouette, surprisingly a front-engined machine, but it works well. I like the laid-back lights, the hiding lights in the grille, etc. Very nice little touches. Midpack at the track events, mid-level performance except cornering, where this came in 2nd, and it was this well-tuned handling that seemed to push it to 2nd in Sportiness as well, despite not being particularly fast. Midpack everywehre else.

@Ludvig - Viverna Inter 8Q300 Corsa
A little plain on the exterior, but not offensive or out of proportion. There are a few fixtures that don’t scream '67 though. This is your top speed monster, and it pulled 3rd in each of the track events as well as in most performance tests. Why is it not higher placed? It costs a lot and it struggles with most of the other requirements. Still, can’t argue with the speed (187 MPH!)

@randomtuner - Striscia Monte Carlo Competizione
Quite a nice car subjectively, with great details like the hood, front and rear haunches, and hood detail. Mid-lower pack on the track events, lower pack on most performance tests, but 1st in cornering. It is running non P-metric tire sizing, but the profile is 70 on 14" wheels so I left it alone. 5th in price, and mid-lower pack elsewhere.

@Vento - Xf Dome
Subjectively low ranked, with odd proportions on the roof and a far-too simplistic fixture effort. On the other hand, you’re looking at the 2nd best track performer for both events, and 2nd fastest at only 1mph slower than 1st place, at 186. All this with a mid-pack cost, 2nd place fuel economy, and some other high placements. Honestly, if this one had a bit more Drivability and Comfort, as well as more effort on the exterior, it might have won.

@mart1n2005 - BSC 4000
The beauty queen of the competition, not to mention the eye to detail. Mid-pack at the track, lower-mid pack in performance tests, and mid-pack pricing as well. Did great with things like Drivability and Safety though.

she purty


Mid-upper tier now:

@machalel - Aria II Nuova 6 Competizione
Kind of an odd looker, but it isn’t ugly outright. I think maybe its just a proportion issue here and there, and maybe its all bit too simple. Anyway, it under-performed at the track events, worst top speed, mid-pack at the rest. BUT, it is 2nd cheapest, and second-most comfortable.

p.s. I didn’t judge interiors but this is quite beautiful inside.

@karhgath - Wolfe Razor GT
Ahh, for the millionaires. Subjectively odd in some ways, some fixture parts not really 60’s material, or even 70’s. For that reason, it didn’t score highly in the beauty contest. However, this is the ranking track winner for both events, and a top performer in all tests except braking. Top Sportiness, Safety, and some other high placements too. How? MONEY! Thanks to quality spam this thing costs 35 grand, which is stratospherically high, in fact 8100 ahead of a still rich 2nd-place. So, cost and looks no object, this is your winner.

@Maverick74 - Torshalla Griffin II
Subjectively mid-pack, lots of nice features but it isn’t particularly attractive. Proportional and believable, though. Upper mid-pack in the track events and performance tests, mid costs, 1st in Env. Resistance, Reliability, and Economy, which helped a lot.

And to continue, here’s your top contenders:

@Riley - Zephorus Espion
Another interesting car by Riley, was not the best subjectively but certainly not ugly or disproportionate. Not so good at the track, and really not so good at the performance tests, either. It is inexpensive (4th in cost), but 1st in Drivability, and mid-pack elsewhere.

@abg7 - AMS Shadowcaster 400
Really nice subjectively, but the headlights seem slightly too low to be legal. Lots of cars had this same issue but they also had other “pop-up” lights up top. This one does not. Still, it has the look, especially in the side and rear views. Mid-upper track times for the events as well as performance tests. Mid-pack pricing, and upper range on the rest of the priorities, too. This is one of the best all-arounders that costs a reasonable 21,600.

@GassTiresandOil - Durendal Adelaide
Subjectively scored well, looks believable and easy on the eyes. Attention to detail is clear. Not so great at the track, but I think this was due to the cross ply tires. Mid to upper-level test performance, and priced 3rd place, so good value. 3rd Drivability and Economy, 2nd Reliability and Service Costs, so it brought home the points with these ranks.


1st place if price is no object (but it is) = @karhgath

3rd place @Riley
2nd place @abg7
1st place @GassTiresandOil

Thanks all for the opportunity to host, I hope you enjoyed the time! I really enjoy this era so I made an exhibition car for the competition myself, back when we first started.

Here it is

Here’s the Google Sheet for the competition


Thanks for the win! Lots of great cars this round! Unfortunately I can’t host next round, so I’ll pass it on to abg7.

Yay I’m glad the Dome did so well. :slight_smile: I wish everyone else did fixture tutorials I have no idea about all these fancy fixture techniques. PS what does Lanson mean by proportion idk what that means

Proportion is basically how well everything on a car “sizes up”. If a car’s headlights are way too big it’ll look weird, so the headlights will be out of proportion. There are whole studies on proportion in car design, and it pretty much includes everything about a car, from how long the hood is compared to the roof and trunk, to how long the front overhang is compared to the rear, to how big the grille is compared to the headlights… EVERYTHING.

If you’d like any pointers on fixtures, pm me. I’d be glad to help in any way I can. I’ve found that I definitely have a certain style I tend to stick to, but I’d be happy to give some pointers.


When in doubt, refer to real world examples. Stick in the dummies in a seat and see how they can look out of the windshield and other glass, and zoom way out to look at the car and see if it looks “right”. There’s cars all around most of us daily, and over time you’ll pick up cues from real cars and you’ll see the proportions. Yes, your car performed at the track quite well.

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As was the case in the aftermath of CSR 136 (in which he and I finished one-two) I will take the reigns for hosting QFC21 - although I am also hosting LAC2 right now, I think I can cope with the demands of hosting two challenges at once, so please give me some time to come up with a suitable rule set.


Huh, just noticed mine was one of only two convertibles. For some reason I thought there was going to be more.

The Durendal looks impressive, that win is deserved.

Since my car was an unused LHC3 race car built for lap Times and nothing else, it’s obvious why I am the pike on the track but too expensive and looking awkward.
Nevertheless, it was a cool recycling possibility to expose the Alpha to some daylight.


Anyway, it under-performed at the track events, worst top speed, mid-pack at the rest.

Ahhh well, that’s what you get for trying to aim for realistic numbers I guess :yum:

Kind of an odd looker, but it isn’t ugly outright. I think maybe its just a proportion issue here and there, and maybe its all bit too simple.

Yeah, I had a vision that I just couldn’t pull off, so ended up having to simplify and settle :frowning:

Thank you for hosting and putting in the time/effort!


The Durendal’s face reminds me of a cute owl.


I never saw that, but now that you said it I can’t unsee it lol.

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Next round is up!