QFC21: #(Mini)van Life

QFC21: #(Mini)van Life

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2023. Somewhere in an unspecified suburb in America…

…a family of seven is looking to trade their rugged but aging 3-row SUV for a brand-new minivan. Why? Because they no longer venture off-road as often as they used to, but still want to go on road trips together in the same vehicle, and also use it to carry some of their stuff every now and then. They received a decent amount of money from selling their SUV, and having spent some of it on an older 4x4 pickup to take over from the SUV in off-roading duties, want to use the rest of it to finance their next purchase. Their priorities are as follows:

Major Priorities :star: :star: :star:

  • Drivability - The easier their new car is to drive, the happier the family will feel whenever they step inside it.

  • Safety - A safer car will provide peace of mind for all the occupants, all the time.

  • Practicality - It needs to transport the whole family in one go, and some of their stuff besides.

  • Comfort - This is essential for making long trips more bearable.

Moderate Priorities :star: :star:

  • Design - If it looks right, then it usually is right.

  • Costs (includes purchase price, fuel economy and servicing costs) - Money saved is money earned, but try not to go too far under budget.

  • Reliability - Fewer breakdowns = more happiness.

  • Environmental resistance - Premature rust is the bane of any family car, including minivans.

Minor Priorities :star:

  • Sportiness - They may not be sporty (nor are they even meant to be), but they shouldn’t be too slow, either.

  • Offroad - It’s not a 4x4 like their old SUV was.

  • Utility - The family’s new minivan will mostly be used for carrying people (including themselves) more than it is for hauling cargo.

  • Prestige - Let’s face it, minivans are hardly going to attract the right kind of attention, but a more positive impression from others is always welcome.

Rules and Requirements

  • Model, trim, family and variant years must all be set to 2020 - the latest the game allows.
  • All tech pool values must be set to 0 (except for interior and safety, whose tech pool values must be set at +3 and +5, respectively, to unlock all HUD infotainment options as well as standard 20s safety). The tech pool chart should look like this:
  • Must have a minivan body style (not an SUV/crossover) capable of having 3 rows of seats.
  • Wheelbase should be between 2.70m and 3.10m inclusive (these are exact values).
  • Front transverse engine placement preferred, but front longitudinal is acceptable.
  • No 4x4 drivetrains (FWD, RWD and AWD are all allowed).
  • Must have 6, 7, 8, or 9 full-size seats - see below for examples of configurations.
  • 91RON regular unleaded fuel recommended (95RON premium unleaded will be accepted but will incur a penalty).
  • A 3-way catalytic converter of any kind is mandatory.
  • Maximum loudness of 35.
  • Maximum engine emissions of 100.
  • No race parts (intake/headers, semi-slick tires, racing diffuser, etc.).
  • No manual or auto manual transmissions - none of the adults in the family can drive stick at all! They are not afraid of dual-clutch gearboxes, though.
  • Tires must be radial, with widths not divisible by 10 (i.e., the last digit must be 5, not 0).
  • At least standard 10s safety required (although standard 20s or, better still, advanced 10s or 20s safety is recommended).
  • ESC is mandatory.
  • Maximum price of $50,000 AMU.
  • No V16 engines (I don’t have the DLC yet).
  • No meme builds.
  • Last but not least, do not use any of the body sets in the Legacy Body mod pack (which I don’t have).

Chrysler Pacifica/Voyager

Honda Odyssey

Toyota Sienna

Kia Carnival


  • Be sensible and realistic - the real-life inspirations can serve as reference points for your build.
  • For this class of car, naturally aspirated V6 engines are preferred, although the family is not afraid to try a good turbo I4. Engine configurations other than these two are allowed, however.
  • 8-seat and 9-seat minivan trims are generally inferior to 7-seat ones in many areas, but practicality is not one of them - there are times when being able to carry an extra person or two is helpful. On the other hand, 6-seat trims are less practical, but cost less and are more comfortable, among other things.
  • Interiors will not be required or judged, although you may make one if you wish to do so. I will also automatically assume that most entries come with sliding doors as standard, although smaller bodies may not need this feature.
  • The family has a preference for neutral shades (white, black, gray, and silver) as well as deep metallic colors such as claret reds, navy blues and forest greens. However, they will still accept any color as long as it suites the car’s styling.
Size and seating

Size: Compact minivans have a wheelbase of 2.70m to 2.90m; full-size minivans have a wheelbase of 2.90m to 3.10m.

Seating Capacity & Configurations: You can easily squeeze 6 to 9 full-size seats in a minivan. Examples of configurations with these seat counts are shown below:

6 seats (3 rows of 2 seats each):
Alternate suggestion for 6 seats (2 rows of 3 seats each, no rear row):
7 seats (2 seats each in front and middle rows, 3 seats in rear row):
Alternate suggestion for 7 seats (2 seats each in front and rear rows, 3 seats in middle row):
8 seats (2 front seats, 3 seats each in middle and back rows):
9 seats (3 rows of 3 seats each):

Submission guidelines
Submissions open on Friday, March 17, 2023 at 12:00 am UTC and close on Friday, March 24, 2023 at 12:00 am UTC. Please send your submission via forum DM (not Discord) during this time period. The naming scheme is as follows:

Model and family name: QFC21 - your forum user name
Trim and variant name: name of your car and engine, respectively

Rules are subject to change until submissions open. If you wish to inquire regarding the rule set, please let me know.

And once again, good luck and have fun!


Question, Looking at the interior set-up you provided are we allowed to have 2nd row captain seats or do we have to stick to one of the 2 options you provided?

That’s a common layout in real life (I know the Honda Odyssey has it), so I see no reason it shouldn’t work here

Also, I worry a couple of these rules seem a bit too restrictive. Especially the Front-transverse requirement; yeah it’s a very common layout in minivans, but it’s certainly not the only valid way to do things. Also, why require such a narrow band of wheelbases?

I might be missing something with these 2, but it seems like they may just be restricting variety/creativity without any real benefit.


Strongly seconded. I also suspect the V6/i4 thing is more of a requirement than the wording suggests… this is a game about making fictional cars, restricting players to recreating real cars seems odd.


20 cm of wheelbase band quite clearly points to an exact class of a minivan they’re looking for. In the end, someone looking for a full sized minivan probably wouldn’t even consider a compact one.

As for V6/I4 => “recreating real cars” - I’m pretty much sure that whatever I might end up entering is like precisely none real world minivan, despite fitting perfectly into this. Also I guess an I6 wouldn’t be frowned upon, and I don’t recall any real (new) minivan having it. I see it just as expecting realism (and I still see a bit of room for wildcardness).


There’s a difference between realism and stifling- for me, this challenge just crosses that line a bit. There’s not a great amount of variety in the acceptable entries.


I feel like if the Transverse rule was lifted people would still pick it over a longitudinal layout simply due to the space that’s saved, there is a reason why utility vans like a Ford-E350 isn’t as valued next to a traditional minivan. Having half the engine under the dashboard and inside the cabin would naturally = a higher repair bill too.

I don’t know of a single van that has this seating configuration.
non of the vans you showed have this. Only SUV’s have this.
this would be a realistic seating configuration for a van.
and the configuration all of the vans you showed as inspiration have


The GM Dusbuster vans of the 90’s had that (Pontiac Trans Sport, Chevy Lumina, etc), so it’s rare, but not unheard of.

But nor would a real minivan buyer be strictly looking for an exact size; if a minivan was only a meter shorter/longer than most others, they probably wouldn’t even notice, let alone care.

It’s the host’s choice at the end of the day, but my suggestion would be to either expand the allowed sizes, or treat the wheelbase as a recommendation/ballpark target rather than a strict rule.


I just want my God-given right to a front bench


Afaik, that space saving isn’t programmed into automation, but longitudinal layouts do get a rather noticeable reduction in service costs compared to transverse, so if longitudinal is allowed it might just be superior

While it is true that most if not all minivans have transverse engines these days, there were also longitudinal engined minivans back then, like the second generation Nissan Elgrand which was made using a modified version of Nissan’s front-engine, RWD platform used on cars like the Skyline.

The Elgrand, as with most other vans, are now transverse FWD. Still, a civilized FR minivan is possible, and could still be a viable option for this challenge. Therefore I don’t think that it would hurt to allow longitudinal engines in the challenge as well.


In response to your feedback, I have loosened up the wheelbase limits (to accommodate compact minivans), and they are no longer actual requirements, only recommendations. Also, I have allowed the use of front longitudinal engine placement and seating configurations with 6 or 9 seats.


Because of a model change in my lore between those years, what I wonder is if this round is set in 2020, or in 2023 with 2020 as a model year since the game does not allow for anything else?

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I forgot to state that this latest round is indeed set in 2023. However, the model/trim/family/variant year has to be set to 2020, as this is the latest year the game will allow.

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That’s a pretty big omission tbh as it changes design quite a bit, as car design has become a lot more angular in the last few years

Also since it’s 2023 would a techpool of +3 everywhere make more sense to move the years along by three


Another thing if it’s a family of seven why would a six seat minivan even be an option?

What are the ages also? Does the third row need to be adult size seats or are small jump seats for kids ok


There is no new technology past 2020, so I’m sticking with 0 tech pool all around.

Also, the family of seven consists solely of adults, so all of the seats must be full-sized.

As for the eligibility of 6-seater configurations: This is justified, because the family already has a second, far older, vehicle (a 4x4 pickup truck) which they purchased and restored using the funds gained from selling their SUV, so it’s not always necessary to carry everyone in the same vehicle.

it does, though. it unlocks some entertainment options, as well as ´20s standard safety


With that in mind, I will make an exception to the “0 tech pool everywhere” rule. Interior and safety tech pool must now be set at +3 and +5, respectively. Every other area must still have 0 tech pool points, though.

Update (Friday, March 17, 2023, 12:00 am UTC): There have been no further objections to the rule set, so submissions are now open!

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Which one is a minivan body I don’t see any