QFC20 - Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday (Concluded)

Hey folks, I re-wrote the rules on tires and included an updated note on that. I did a lot more research (surprisingly difficult, because old car registries seem to be vague on aspect ratio on the tires…I assume its because it wasn’t even an option back then.) Anyway, here’s what I figured out. I could not find a single instance of a tire that went below 70 aspect ratio until '69-70. So for our 1967 challenge, radials are allowed as long as you:

  • Drop the quality from 0 to -2 (just for radials, bias-ply stay at 0) This simulates the newness of radials. Back then, even with radials out, they still lost to bias ply tires in performance if the size was roughly the same. I poured through several test articles of tires to discover this.
  • Choose a tire that ends in ‘5’ (205, 225, etc)
  • End up with a tire that does not have an aspect ratio below 70. So you can do a 205/70-15 but a 225/65-15 would be not be accepted.

With these three things handled, radials make sense for our era. Sense enough, anyway.

Thanks for the feedback, all. I hope this opens up the competition to more entrants that want to play.


Yup. Seems like sane tyre regulations.

Submissions open


Working in collaboration with Ascot Automotives out of Gasmea, Vercetti Limited proudly presents it’s latest vehicle ready for Group 3, the Vercetti Pantera V8. Using common architecture within A.A engine production, the all aluminium 235 CI V8 makes over 170 hp going through a 5 speed gearbox directly to the rear wheels, via a A.A supplied solid axle.


seems a bit tame for a challenge based around racing cars for the road tbh

Also, question, are multiple submissions allowed?
and if we were to do a racing variant can we enter that alongside the road car, or will it not be judged?

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Just road cars for this qfc. The concept of making a race car to go with the road car would make a great competition but wouldn’t be in the spirit of qfc

Also 1 sub per user.

The Alpine and Sunbeam weren’t fire breathers (initially ), but time will tell if they put enough sport in for the market.


A very WIP car
Probably won’t make the deadline or even enter but I don’t really care, it just gives me something to do.


That brings up a question, is the deadline too aggressive? Basically a week from now.

It’s QFC…it is supposed to be “quick”. With that said, deadlines of a week is maybe not necessary (host can have troubles making that fit into the personal life, etc.), but the last thing I’d want is QFC creeping on the way to become a new CSR, so a week is fine to me.


Yeah that’s my thought as well, we don’t want scope creep. That said, QFC is way more fun with high participation in the 20’s and up, so I hope to see a lot of entries. The genre is legendary and right up the game’s alley.


The Australian sportscar maker has approved the Adelaide for export, meaning you can now find left-hand drive examples in your own country. Powered by a 4.0 liter V8 making 235 (ish) horspower, the car is (hopefully) very quick and quite sporty.



Let’s throw in some Belgian V8 goodness wrapped in a stylish aluminium shell then!


Primus Alpha G3

The Alpha was Primus’ first real supercar, derived directly from race cars and offered that racing technology for everyone with a huge wallet. The monocoque was encased with fiberglass panels for weight reduction, the engine was made of aluminium. The quality of the parts installed was not comparable with “normal” cars, this one was handbuilt with absolute devotion - which is why this car’s reliability was actually not too bad for such an advanced rocket. But even considering this, the everyday commute was something NOT to use this car for. Even if the interior was surprisingly spacious and the seats comfortable, the hot and extremely loud V8 behind the seats made the radio useless, and the cost of the massive staggered high speed tires was abysmal.

For 1967, a special model with smaller engine was offered, cut down to 4 liters. The “G3” model was limited to 300 units. G3 stood for “Group 3”, offering a car suiting for amateur racing in more categories, and the “normal” model with even more power was… absolutely frightening, this one was still a death trap but a slightly safer one.


1967 Torshalla Griffin II


My submission:
The 1967 Cagliari Potenza, a 280hp, mid engine v12 italian work of art made to homologate a lemans race car.


(still working on stats, so official sub coming in a few days)

BMA Mistral

For 1967 and homologation purposes, the BMA Mistral was tamed and refined a bit: The 4.0L V12 is tuned down to 360 hp. Paired to a 5-speed manual transmission that allows a 0-100kph in less than 5.6 secs and a top speed over 280 kph, you’ll be joining the riviera in no time.