QFC31 - Plumber's best friend (FINAL RESULTS OUT!)

On launch, the AMM Sarek II Cargo Van did not set the world on fire. Too expensive, and commercial buyers didn’t really want to spend all that money for the offroad features that it offered. So, AMM did what any sane company would do: Simplify, and add cheapness. Gone is the 4x4, the solid front axle, the locking suspension. The price was cut substantially. A less powerful 4-pot engine was swapped for the i6, and all manner of refinements see the new E-Spec of the Sarek Van use less than half the fuel of the old one, while also being substantially more reliable.

The Sarek II E-Spec: It’ll get you there.

1981 Ilaris Iscal
2.2 CDi

What do you want? Fuel economy. Probably. 8.4L/100km, less than anyone would expect!

Introducing the 1981 Ilaris Iscal CDi. Diesels don’t exist. D means…
-checks notes- Driving. Yes. Driving. Commercial Driving injection.

Uhh…what do vans need? Space! Space in the back. Usually there are seats in the back. Not here! See? Seatless. Put toilets in there, or whatever. Maybe they fit, maybe they don’t, see that for yourself. In any case, it’ll carry 777 kilos of whatever you carry.

Is it rear-wheel-drive? No! Of course not! That’d take actual effort to convert this shitty hatchback in to a longitudinal thing. Just live with it, it can’t get that bad in the winter, can it?

8660$ all included. God help us.


1981 Larunsen Vanguard
Perfect workhorse for a plumber or any artisan

  • Comes from Denmark, it knows harsh North European climate
  • 2.3L Boxer 4 (110.6hp / 200.5 Nm)
  • 11.8 L/100km (Regular 92 RON leaded)
  • 12.9 s 0-100 km/h
  • 5650 L cargo space / up to 861 kg of cargo
  • 8970 $
  • headlights wipers because Sweden
  • 2 big lights on top of vehicle to see moose earlier


hi i am a bit drunk but don’t let that distract you from the 1980 Hayaku Compact Delivery

It has things like an engine. A transmission. Four wheels, one steering wheel.

It comes with seats and doors. Revolutionary!

There is also a roof rack for carrying stuff on the roof.

And uhhhhh… le cool swedish tagline


FWD is better than RWD in snowy conditions, though.

I don’t think that rule of thumb applies to vans where the load is usually in the rear


Tarquini Freccia FPU

it’s a van


The 1981 ASAKURA Sakai OFR-4 MultiDrive

Now adjusted for the European market…

It was almost the new decade and Asakura’s lineup of quirky boxer powered coupes and sedans for the European market was starting to dry up. In an effort to regain some of this foothold, Shinichiro Asakura came to the headquarters in England to find out what the West wanted in a car. They asked simply for a cheap, fuel efficient and reliable one.

With haste, Asakura Heavy Industries in early 1980 developed the Sakai OFR-4, a completely new all-steel monocoque ute, unlike most of the competition at the time. It would try to hit all the marks - be good at offroading, hauling, and not back-breaking to drive, all whilst being only 8180 AMU.

Stats for Nerds

The 996Kg ute would be equipped with an SOHC 2L Flat 4 producing 104HP taken from a previous attempted ute design from '74. It would send power to a non-full time 4x4 system (MultiDrive) with an open differential, toggled with a twin-position lever beside the 4 Speed manual shifter. It was tested as being able to attain 23.4MPG, whilst still maintaining acceptable performance figures, an 10.9 second 0-100KpH and a 176KpH top speed. With a reliability rating of just under 70 and an environmental resistance factor of about 32, it turned out to not need much care either, especially for an Asakura car (Asakura being a notoriously unreliable brand). Alongside a 337KG towing capacity and a 2218KG maximum load capacity (most likely with the dampers self destructing), Shinichiro Asakura hopes that this will be a useful car over there.

Further Pictures

And finally…

“Built to work for you, anywhere, anytime, and for as long as you need.”


Great job overall, especially the interior and enginebay! But why are the armrests backwards?


Oh oops good point, i mostly designed them as handlebars to grab on to, thing’s too cheap to have armrests

1981 Globus DuraTrans 1321D

It´s workers best friend for 30 years, and the newest updates make it even more reliable!


Best slogan yet, perhaps tied with @Ludvig, but shouldn’t it be “denna här bil”?

In 1981, this may or may not have been true. However, nowadays it’s not uncommon to see 2WD trucks with manual rear lockers - the Toyota Tacoma PreRunner comes with one standard. Engages via an electric motor on a switch, but only on demand and is a true mechanical locker, not glorified traction control via the brakes.

Nope. Hippo’s spelling is correct.

Huh, then Google Translate’s is wrong.

A adored and loved van and people hauler for the EU Market by a renowned American Manufacturer provides a reliable platform for any hands-on business, including Plumbing.
(Enjoy the artwork :p)


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'81 WM Loadman

An efficient, well-packaged, and robust cargo van for the '80s, starting from $8150 AMU.

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The Salle’Abond arrives. This new Clari van features Clari’s patented ‘Chaque Amble’ drive system which powers all 4 wheels all the time! Incredible! 25.0 mpg! Over 4,500 liters of cargo space!

Buy now!


How TF are you guys getting below budget? I’m dumping my stats and still have 10K price!