QFC42 - Retirement plan [Final Results Posted]

QFC42 - Retirement Plan

The brief

Northern Canada, Fall 2023

Active and fit retiree Peter wants a rugged utility vehicle to fit his outdoorsy, travelling and manual labor lifestyle he shares with his wife. It needs to be able to tow a utility trailer, fit/tow a camper and must last for years through many hardships. Also need to handle the changing conditions of wintery Northern Canada, but also the Rockies and Nevada desert during road trips. He is used to a pickup truck, but other options exists. He does not want something commercial, and will use this vehicle semi-daily for long periods of time.

The long story

Peter lives in northern Canada in a suburban rural area, but also spends a third of the year at his rustic remote cabin he built himself, winter and summer alike.

He’s been married for 40 years and is now retired but still is very active, doing yearly cross-country trips across Canada and the US in a camper. He also does a ton of manual chores for friends and family, takes cares of the cabin and the woods, build furniture and lives his fullest outdoor.

He needs a new ride that can either fit a 2-person camper or tow a camper trailer, and is able to lug supplies and materials around. While he has a 12-foot utility trailer for that purpose, he’d like to not always have to bring the trailer everywhere and fit a minimum in the vehicle itself.

While not looking for an offroader, he’s often driving in harsh conditions and needs to handle northern Canadian winter around his remote cabin.

This won’t be a daily car as they have a (much) smaller compact car already, but it will get used a lot nonetheless for different construction projects, maintenance work around the cabin, traveling, hardware store runs, etc.

Peter is used to a pickup truck but is ready for a change if it is an interesting alternative - and while they are not looking for luxury, he and his wife are not getting any younger.

What they need

  • A semi-daily utility vehicle. Peter might not do the grocery and small errands in it, but it will be used multiple times per week and for long distances.
  • They also have a small 10 year old compact for weekly errands that does not even have 100,000 km on it. They plan to keep it until it dies.
  • Every 3-4 weeks they will leave and go to their remote cabin for a few weeks, winter or summer. It is remote, the path to the cabin is unusable during winter but they can get to it by driving on the lake.
  • In those trips they bring lots of supplies, landscaping/arborist tools, his trusty Kubota RTV, and a myriad of maintenance items.
  • He only does one or two multi-week cross-country trips a year, so while an important part of his life, it is not the main part of it.
  • He needs to be able to tow (or fit on the bed) a small to medium 2-person camper.
  • He also has a utility trailer that can transport his Kubota but also transport gravel, soil and such.
    – For the above, I want to avoid specific towing values as we are not using the towing stats in Automation. However I posted more details in the thread below if you are interested.
  • Weather is never great in northern Canada, it is critical to be able to navigate that changing landscape, but Peter will not be doing offroading for fun, so dedicated offroader are not the primary market, but if they can handle the rest as much as he needs, Peter will consider it
  • They are used to very little in terms of luxury and comfort, so purely a luxury vehicle is not what they think of at first, but if they can get a bit of it at the price they are looking for, they won’t avoid it.
  • While they are older, they are probably more fit and healthy that the average 30 years old, so they are incredibly active (jogging, biking, trekking, swimming…). They are not snowbirds either.

Hard Rules

Trim year: 2020

Family, Model or Variant Year: any

Bodies: Full size SUV, large/high crossover, light duty pickup truck and even a van could work. While a Porsche 911 could tow a small trailer, this is not what Peter is looking for, neither is an offroad wagon or purely an MPV. A Cayenne or G Wagon maybe.
I do not care about the body year, using older 80s bodies can fit this very well with modern features. No legacy body mods.
Also he needs a vehicle for a variety of other tasks, so integrated camper truck/motorhome and the like are NOT what he’s looking for. He also does not want a commercial or heavy duty vehicle either, it needs to be a semi-daily vehicle.

Road Legality: Standard US/Canada road legal stuff - wipers, lights, third brake light and DRL, side markers, fuel filler, US or Canadian rear plate.

Wheelbase: Max 3.8m/150in (rounded). No lower limits, but Peter is not expecting a tiny vehicle.

Max width: Should not be an issue, and I am afraid to post this, but 2.44m/96in is the max width

Tech Pool: +5 default everywhere

Max Budget: 37,000 AMU

Max Loudness: 55

Minimum quality: -5

Fuel: Unleaded 87 AKI/91 RON preferred, 91 AKI/95 RON allowed

WES: Minimum 11

Tyres: non-race Radial ending in 5

Seats: Minimum 2 full seats in front. 4/5 seats preferred but not required - always useful. Beware, a 2-seater SUV will be seen as not so coherent. Also removing seats does not always free up cargo space, so MPV bodies are usually not a good choice.

Advanced Trim Setting: Reasonable. Not looking for a monster truck. Avoid things that can be changed in the designer as much as possible.

Interior not required or scored, but will be commented on.

No race parts or semi-slick if I really have to spell it out. No V16 allowed.

About suspensions: Around that time, independent rear suspensions started appearing on some larger full size SUVs and would make their way to some truck later on. I will not require a rear live axle on pickup trucks for example, but the scoring should be balanced based on this.

Creativity: I will accept fake-diesel, dualies, and such. Want to model a camper? Sure go ahead. It will mostly affect Design & Coherence below (and not always in a positive way). The car must still be legal, but note that otherwise I will rate other priorities on the actually stats, not pretend stats. Also a 6-wheel might not be what Peter is looking for, or he might be impressed… Who knows?


Env Resistance - With harsh winter and a wide variety of driving conditions across the US and Canada, the vehicle must not turn to dust after a few years.

Safety - You do not want to feel in danger on cross-country road trips.

Reliability - Same thing, breaking down far from home is not great. It is gonna get used and abused.

Load Capacity - While not 100% accurate, it is used to balance other stats and suspension choices.

Practicality - A practical car for roadtrips is useful here, so 4 door crew cab, or even on a extended cab, or a 5-door SUV is a great bonus.

Comfort - The higher the better, long drives are hard and they are not getting any younger.

Cargo Volume - Also a balancing act stat.

Design and Cohesiveness - This is not about realism as much as making sense. It is also more about looking the part than being beautiful, but low quality effort will still rate lower here even if it’s not a beauty contest. Creativity can give you a slight bonus, but this is still a QFC. Weird, unrealistic engineering could impact this as well.

Drivability - Long drives must not be a chore, but he’s not expecting a self driving car either so diminish return the higher you get, but must not be terrible either.

Offroad - Winter and harsh driving conditions from Alaska to the Rockies and the desert means you need enough to not be stranded, but only up to a point - it is not an offroader, too much is not gonna help here.

Fuel Economy - Peter does not expect super good fuel econ, and too good here won’t help that much, but it must also not be terrible. It’s not getting any cheaper.

Size - While they are not ones to usually use underground parking in the city or park parallel on the street, it might happen - they are not always towing something or in the great outdoors. Something too big might not always be the best option here. Same for something too small, they aren’t looking for a SWB Suzuky Jimny.

Sportiness, Torque & Highway Performance - While towing and going up a steep hill on the highway, you do not want to have to always stay on the right lane with your hazards on. We’re not looking for raw performance here tho, enough to not be a drag.

Value, cost, SVC - They have no kids, are retired and have tons of savings, so Peter is not looking to cheapen out, but it could impact his decision between two choices if it comes down to it.

Utility - Weird to see this so low, but if you follow the above you should have a pretty good utility already.

Prestige - Not very important here at all, you can disregard completely.
Towing Capacity - Still broken and unreliable unfortunately. Will be proxied through other priorities.


They are not necessarily all fitting in the budget but are there for the type of vehicle they are and designs.

Primary inspirations

Secondary options that could work if they are made to focus on Peter's needs


That is NOT what Peter is looking for, avoid

Small offroad crossover/wagon, they do not usually tow much and are very low

A truck with removable/configurable dump/flat/deck/box bed - too commercial. Bed needs to be integrated in the design.

Integrated camper are out - end of day he needs a usable semi-daily vehicle.


  • Clarified that Peter is not looking for integrated camper truck, motorhome or commercial vehicle.
  • Updated start of submissions to Tuesday March 12th.
  • Updated inspiration with secondary options and what NOT to proposed to Peter
  • Added a section with bullet point clarifications on needs
  • Added minimum quality of -5 requirement
  • Added mention about seats, cargo and explicitly excluded MPV bodies.
  • Swapped Size and Utility priority - Size is more important now (not too big but also not too small)
  • Clarified Design & Coherence priority
  • Condensed the brief and kept the old one as the long form
  • Updated max budget to 37,000 AMU and swapped Design&Coherence with Load Capacity in priorities

Submission guideline

Model and family names: QFC42 - your forum username
Trim and variant names: free
Submissions will open on Tuesday, March 12th, 2024
Deadline: Sunday March 24th, 2024 at 23:59 EDT (UTC-4). Beware of Daylight Saving Time.
All submissions must be sent through Discourse (not Discord) via forum DM.
You must post an ad on this thread showing at least one picture of your entry within 24 hours of the submission deadline.
No resubmissions will be accepted, except in the case of rule violations and game updates.


Anyone wanna collab? I would do the engineering


I will, I’d be more than happy to design send me a DM on discord: riley994


A third row in an SUV will be accepted for practicality’s sake, although such a seating arrangement will result in reduced cargo volume, so it’s up to the entrant to decide whether or not it will be worth it.

So is this essentially an entry-level design clinic for utility-type vehicles? A good cause given this community’s focus on traditional cars.

Hey who wants to collab and do the design for my car :slight_smile:

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I do

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How big is what they will be towing? I’m guessing a two person European caravan is quite different in size to one sold in Canada.

I know the towing and load stats are a big broken but the overall size of the vehicle should kind of line up with what’s being towed.

Good question, I did not want to go into details here because the automation stats makes no sense, but it can give an idea of the size indeed.

I will update the brief tonight or tomorrow, but for now assume:

  • He routinely lugs around his Kubota RTV (about 2000-2500lbs / 1000-1200kg) + spares + tools on his trailer
  • Trailer can carry bulk (gravels, soil, etc) up to about 6000 lbs (2750 kg) but rarely does fill it up
  • Smaller campers varies, but he’d target at least one with GVWR around 3000 to 6000 lbs (1350 to 2750 kg). He’d be looking into larger ones as well if he can.

I’ll go into more details and review this when I come back, just calculated the above quickly.


i did have another question too. Bearing in mind the round is set in late 2023 but the game ends at 2020 are we making cars/trucks that look like 2023/24 models or should they be 2020 and be more like used cars.

Well, I wonder if the budget is a tad bit on the tight side, I am currently building on something that is a bit inspired by the Nissan Titan, so a BOF leaf sprung vehicle that is far from fancy, can I squeeze it in? Yes, barely, with hardly any quality which I guess feels a bit questionable at this TP in 2023 (2020). I have a hard time to see that an Escalade or Range Rover, like in the inspirations, would be viable. Now, I am not suggesting the budget shooting through the roof and everyone building cowboy Cadillacs, but maybe a couple of thousands in increase would be a little bit more on point for the brief.


Yeah I had the same thought, the inspo cars are way above the max budget

Most of them at least

Right now the budget allows for roughly top trim regular pickups, if it gets raised we might start seeing raptors and TRX’s. I wouldn’t complain if we got more budget, but some weird things might get submitted

Luxury pickups are pretty easy since they have the cost benefit of ladder frames and solid rear axles. A luxury SUV with a unibody and independent suspension all round would push it a bit more

Would they consider an offroad station wagon?

Is this body allowd

Lots of pre-opening activity here and on discord! I was away most weekend, so I need to give myself some time to go through questions and comments, adjust/clarify the ruleset and make sure everything is good before subs open, so I am moving end of rules discussion and sub opening to Tuesday, deadline remains the same. I will try for an update and answers tomorrow morning so that we have a whole day of further discussions

First comment is about the budget. It is a bit weird, as some mentioned. I want to avoid a V12, Luxury interior and independent suspension all around. At the same time, it is tight if you want to squeeze those in, that is expected. Inspo does not necessarily reflect price point. A ranger rover would be very nice for Peter, but might not be realistic.

You can do a good base pickup around 20k and add quality and better components or do something more luxurious and work with drawbacks.

I was considering reducing to 28k, but considering the above comments I will review and play a bit more with the mules before playing with the budget.

Since this is QFC I will allow any styling from the 2020s for simplicity sakes.

Most of those would have low towing capacity IRL. Since we do not actually have a usable towing stats, they would be at a disadvantage for sure. Peter often has large/high boxes or plywood sheets to fit in, so a higher roof would be preferable.

Despite this, if it looks like a properly large crossover that can tow, with a proper engine for this job, it will work, but if it is a low/small wagon it might not be the size Peter wants.

Yes, it is a SUV body and can fit inspos like the Cayenne. 2.6m Would be quite small tho and size is still a priority.

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