QFC44 - Ami De Coeur and Levi's 501 [RESULTS - ROUND 3]

Ami De Coeur and Levi's 501


In the heart of Ventspils, where the Baltic breeze spins tales, Jan, a twenty-one-year-old, stood on the brink of summer. Born into wealth, his love affair with cars ignited early, fueled by the rumble of engines and the rush of speed on the karting track. From a young age, Jan found himself drawn to the thrill of the race, reveling in the exhilaration of mastering the tarmac as he zipped around the track in his kart. But Jan wasn’t just about racing; he had another side too. Stepping onto the modeling scene, his charisma and good looks earned him not just attention but also a tidy sum. With each strut down the catwalk, he found himself embracing a different kind of adrenaline, basking in the spotlight as it illuminated his chiseled features and magnetic presence. The world of modeling provided Jan with opportunities beyond the racetrack, solidifying his status as a multifaceted individual with a penchant for both speed and style. Off to Exeter College for politics and economics, Jan’s trusty ride was his 2014 Clio RS, navigating the foreign streets with ease. Despite being thousands of miles away from home, Jan found solace in the familiar hum of his engine as he cruised through the bustling streets of Exeter. The Clio RS became more than just a mode of transportation; it was a symbol of Jan’s independence and adventurous spirit, accompanying him on his journey to pursue higher education in a foreign land. Yet, every summer, returning home posed a problem. Without his own wheels, he missed out on the epic road trips with friends. Borrowing his mom’s Volvo S80 last year just didn’t cut it. He craved the power of Mark’s M3 or Arthur’s RX7. The Volvo, while comfortable, lacked the exhilarating rush that Jan had grown accustomed to, leaving him longing for the adrenaline-fueled excitement of his previous summer adventures. Determined to change the game, Jan decided it was time for a summer ride of his own. With visions of past adventures and the open road ahead, he set out to find the perfect companion for this summer’s journey—a car that would take him through Europe’s winding roads and create memories to last a lifetime. Armed with his passion for driving and an insatiable thirst for adventure.

In the heart of Jan’s quest for the perfect summer ride, he set his sights on the world of used cars. While the allure of a brand-new car tempted him, Jan was practical enough to know that such a purchase would leave a sizable dent in his bank account. Instead, he turned his attention to the realm of pre-owned vehicles, where hidden gems awaited discovery. With his discerning eye for style and performance, Jan established a set of expectations for his summer car. First and foremost, it had to make a statement. Whether it exuded effortless elegance or embraced a quirky charm, the car had to turn heads wherever it went. Jan envisioned himself behind the wheel of a machine that not only captured attention but also reflected his unique personality and taste. But aesthetics were only part of the equation. As a true driving enthusiast, Jan insisted that his new car be a real driver’s car—one that rewarded skill and precision with an exhilarating performance. He craved the thrill of acceleration, the responsiveness of the steering, and the adrenaline rush of tackling tight corners with ease. For Jan, driving wasn’t just a means of transportation; it was a passion, and his summer car had to ignite that passion with every twist of the road. However, Jan also recognized the importance of comfort and safety. While he yearned for speed and excitement, he understood the value of creature comforts during long journeys. Features like a smooth ride, supportive seats, and modern amenities would enhance his driving experience and make his summer adventures all the more enjoyable. And in a world where safety was paramount, Jan sought a car that provided peace of mind, even as it aged gracefully.

Jan, a twenty-one-year-old from Ventspils, Latvia, is on the hunt for the perfect summer car for an epic road trip across Europe with his friends. He's looking for a used car that combines style, performance, driving pleasure, something that gives him an adrenalin rush when pushed hard. Jan wants a vehicle that not only turns heads but also thrills him on the open road while providing enough space for luggage and gear. With his passion for driving and a thirst for adventure, Jan is determined to find the ultimate ride for a summer journey to remember.



this includes drivability, sportiness and performance. How does it handle on the limit, are the gears short or long, how many Gs can it pull in the skid pad etc.

For starters, it has to be road legal. So wipers, lights etc. Jan wants something that makes a statement. It could be elegant, quirky or just menacing.


Jan will use it only in the summer so he doesen’t see the point in spending more than he has to. Don’t forget to keep your SVC resonable.

Its a sportscar, it just has to have some prestige and a wow factor.

He is going to be driving it a lot, it would be vibe killer if the car broke down frequently.


Even though Jan is looking for a sports car he is going to be driving on different kinds of roads and for longer periods so some creature comforts would be nice.

He just doesn’t want to spend a fortune on fuel.

The car needs to have sufficient cargo space for a suitcase or two, it would also be nice if it had more than two seats, who knows maybe they come in handy.

This older your car the more important this stat gets.


Model and Trim
  • IMPORTANT - YEAR RANGE: 1990 - 2014 - Jan is ONLY looking for a used car therefore 2014 is a model year of a car that is 1 year old.
  • Body: coupe or convertible is strongly prefered however anyother body type can be used- you can take a sedan body and make it look like a 2 door convertible, as long as it looks like a coupe or convertible its okay.
  • Interior: 2 full seats minimum.
  • Drivetrain: Any you see fit.
  • Techpool: Keep it default (5 in all categories).
  • Interior: Will not be judged, however feel free to make one.
  • Maximum Price: €11,000


  • Loudness: 50 or less.
  • Techpool: Keep it default (5 on all categories)
  • Catalytic converter is required
  • Fuel: just because of simplicity use unleaded 95 RON

Emission regulations

  • WES 6 - 1990 to 1992
  • WES 7 - 1993 to 1996
  • WES 8 - 1997 to 1999
  • WES 9 - 2000 to 2005
  • WES 10 - 2006 to 2010
  • WES 11 - 2011 and above
  • There is no benefit if your car has a WES value higher than the required.

For everything else use common sense aka don’t min max.

Remember stats are not everything, don’t be discouraged by the higher prices of the newer cars



  • Submissions open on APRIL 29, 2024, 12.00 (UTC+1)
  • Submissions close on MAY 6, 2024, 23.59 (UTC+1)
  • The naming scheme is QFC44 - (forum username) for the car model and engine family. Trim and variant are free.
    You can submit your entry file from April 29th to May 6th via DMs on forums. Additionally, you need to make an ad for your entry, otherwise your entry will not be considered. Your ad must contain the resale value of your car e.g the price calculated by the calculator (exact value). Sending in your entry before submissions open will result in your entry not being considered. Resubmission will not be allowed.


1 - adapted the calculator; it is valid for cars from 1990 and up.
2 - changed the rule regarding the years of trim and model - see the calculator to understand which year you should type in.
3 - added WES requirement
4 - added fuel preference
5 - allowed other body types
6 - maximum loudness is now 50
7 - deadline changed to 10th May 23.59 (UTC+1)

And most importantly, have fun! Don’t be salty, sad or disappointed if your car doesn’t win as it’s all about participation in the first place. Take your time with your entries, there’s no need to rush them. Also, any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated! Don’t be afraid to speak out when there’s an issue somewhere, I’d love to try and resolve it.



I’m expecting this to be a 3-way unit, with or without pre-cat depending on variant year.

Love the idea, but I would like a slightly broader year range (maybe 1990-2014). Also maybe convert the currency to AMU for easier price optimization.

Any reason why trim and model year has to match?


How about requiring Fruinian WES compliance for the chosen MY?

To me the coupe rule kind of comes out of the blue, I think you should either open the body style rules up for more creative freedom or make a logical statement/argument about why he wants a coupe exclusively (and not a hatchback, liftback, sedan or wagon).

There is though? It’s a challenge about sports cars.


Howdy all, the calculator is a touch obtuse and obscure, so I figured I would post a breakdown here, and a clearer calculator with a bit more of a breakdown. The original value field is unchanged - so if there’s ever disagreement between my calculation and what the sheet spits out, I done goofed.

  • The depreciation curve is custom and has issues. With equal stats, making a car a year older usually decreases the price… But going from 1998 to 1997 increases the price. This is probably because of how it’s been implemented, and I think 1998 is too cheap. With that weirdness aside, the percentage depreciation per year gets a lot lower the older you get - it’s about 10% between 5-10 years, about 5% between 11-14, then 0.5-2% above that (except when you go from 99 to 98, which lops a whole 8% off the price!)
  • The car has a “pre-depreciation price”, which applies before this curve. It’s based on all the stats except year, and is calculated by adding up the following:
    – Approx price times 1.7
    – Comfort times 80
    – Sportiness times 120
    – Prestige times 80
    – Reliability times 70

If we get tweaks to the sheet to deal with the depreciation curves, I’ll update this. @vouge - I’d be happy to re-implement the calculator for you with the curves set up in a way that prevents this from being an issue.


  • Calculator has been tweaked so that it allows year ranges from 1990 to 2014, also the equation for the 1998 model year has been fixed
  • WES emissons have been addressed
  • As for the desired body types Jan just wants the convertible or the coupe, if you want to make something like an RX8 I would classify it as a coupe, however if unsure just ask.

as I stated above 1998 price has been fixed, as for the depreciation curve I believe that it is relatively accurate since the cars Jan is looking at will at around 15 years old stop to lose their value however. If there are any other issues you found please let me know.

Yup, updated my calculator version with the new values. The 1998 issue was the big one, yeah.

40 loudness is far too low, should be at least 50, better 55. No hatchbacks or shooting brakes?


I think at least hatchbacks with the right look should be allowed TBH since it is kind of a greyscale how Automation bodies are classed sometimes. Some sports cars, like the Porsche 924/44/68 are technically hatchbacks too… I can understand if one wants to leave out the hot hatch category but that could easily be filtered out with a styling penalty IMO. The client simply doesn’t want a car that looks like a Golf.


Okay so I can allow all body types however Jan strongly prefers the siluette of a coupe or a convertable. Further more since this is only going to be his summer toy he does not need the extra practicality that other body types offer. I don’t really care for how automation classifies the body if it looks like a coupe and you advertise it as one then its a coupe, no matter if it was built on a body that automation classifies as SUV or something else.


What about a coupe made to look like a convertible? Would you still treat that as a coupe, or as a convertible instead?

Also, I’m assuming that, at the very least, we must use the standard safety system for the car’s decade.

Can we use bodies slightly older than 1990 and adapt them for the appropriate years?

the rules don’t seem to specify body year, just model and trim year

If you are making a convertible, you have to use a convertible body primarily because of the roof options. As for the safety use common sense.

Yes you can use bodies older than 1990s.

On top of that, what are Jan’s favorite (and least favorite) exterior colors? Unless we’re told otherwise, I’m assuming he’ll take any color as long as it fits the car’s styling.

Given that the inspiration cars all gravitate towards the sportier side of things, I feel as if 40 is a bit low for the noise limit. I think 50 would be a more acceptable limit.


I’m thinking of repurposing either of my ZERC entries for this one - both options look equally tempting, for now.