QFC8 - Bubble

Oh. Kinda forgot. Thanks for the reply.


Negative: I didn’t manage to enter in time.
Positive: I’ve mostly built a car I’m rather happy with so far, and it might kickstart one of my brands :wink:

Really nice theme for this round, I’m looking forward for the reviews… especially of one British car :eyes:


In due time… that sounds so ominous!!!

Wait a sec, how many brands do you have that start with a k? :slight_smile:

Only one, as far as 4.2 is concerned - I had to overwrite my company list and start over from scratch for this latest version, considering how different it is from 4.1 and earlier builds.

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Tokyo, 1988


After having his beloved 1966 Hinode Coronet break down on the expressway, Takeshi decided that he has had enough. While the Coronet was a reliable workhorse, she had simply gotten too old to reliably carry out her duties. Walking all the way to the nearest exit, Takeshi stumbled across a very conveniently placed car dealer that just so happened to have luxury sedans from all sorts of manufacturers in stock.

Takeshi walked in and took a look around.


Segall Eidolon HEX V10


QFC may be Getting Overcomplicated Unexpectedly Fast but even the simplest of minds would know to keep their engine loudness under 35.


GSI Sorcerer


Quiet and understated, the GSI is a very capable and efficient car but it looks too small and anonymous to really impress.

Hakumai Premier Touring


Big and luxurious as it may look, the Hakumai is the actually least comfortable of the bunch and is thirstier than a single mom in your area.

FMC Kingfisher 3.0


A very solid and good looking vehicle though the rear end could use some work. Pricier than similar-performing competitors, unfortunately.

STAZ Limonka 3600E (Export)



A stately sedan with the second most powerful engine (229hp) at a decent price though with below average comfort and high fuel consumption.

Republic Futura RXP Turbo


Very sporty looking but doesn’t have the highest sportiness stat. Aside from being the most reliable car, there is nothing much to say.

Axxus Le Grand


While the car performs decently, it is not exactly beautiful or well-designed. Otherwise, nothing too special.

Veloce Giove 2.5


The Giove is the thirstiest car this round. It lacks ABS, uses TRX tyres up front, and uses a non-adv. automatic which harms drivability.

Niichi Millennium


The Niichi’s design is very tasteful. Muscular yet subtle, it exudes class, and with good performance and comfort for its price to boot.

Régal 364 Turbo JDM


While it is well-designed and has good stats, this performance is not worth the 40k price tag, even with the low tax obligation (2 litres).

Huwonja Timpani XS 3.0i


While it has a unique style, the Timpani lacks the pizzazz of its competitors. Performance-wise it is good, but comfort is relatively low.

HAAI 3000 2.3T


Like the Giove, it suffers from using the auto gearbox. While stylish, the HAAI’s performance is nothing special especially given its price.

Arion Mythos 6C-L 1988


The Arion is the most luxurious insite out, but it’s not as comfy as it looks and is quite pricey. Running costs are surprisingly low.

Courageux 100 CS-Luxe


The Courageoux is absolutely striking. Its comfort is good for its price but its engine is not as powerful as comparable rivals, sadly.

Senko 624


The 624 is both the cheapest and most comfy car this round. However, it borders on underpowered and its design leaves much to be desired.

Sanzou Emperor


Though it has presence like a proper luxoboat, the Sanzou has the lowest reliability stat and is also the second thirstiest car this round.

Altra Xture


The Altra is cute, but maybe a little too cute for this challenge. Otherwise, there is nothing else worth noting.

Saarland Kardinal 3.0E


Though its engine design is rather old, the Kardinal still manages make good power. Not the most comfy but its price IS the second lowest.

Elessar 865 RG-6 (3.0i 4AT)


The Elessar has the least comfort thanks to its solid rear axle and even then it’s not the most reliable either partly due to engine stress.



While it is the safest car this round, the Hydrofission looks outdated. The car has no ABS which should have been standard for this segment.

Faste XVS


As the only manual, the Faste has the least comfort and drivability. Styling leaves much to be desired, though the car is very efficient.

Kamaka Diamond (JHI98) 3.0 Luxe


“haha dame da ne guy” HIS NAME IS YAKUZA! It has style and presence, and is well-rounded. Wheels are a tad big but that is just a nitpick.

Waldersee Freiherr FK30 Sport


The Waldersee is fashionable, inside and out. However, its price is a little high for what it offers but overall it is still quite a looker.

Cascina Plumeria Sovrano


With a large engine, good comfort, and low price, the Cascina is great value though its running costs are atrociously high.

Swanson 425AFP 88


Though on the pricier side, the Swanson has the lowest running costs. Its design is positively futuristic, like a spaceship

Oryu Koruna


While it offers good comfort and economy, the Oryu could use some more power and a better design too.

KMA K50 3.0


The KMA is smack-dab in the middle of the price range, and offers good comfort and performance that beats some of its more expensive rivals.

After looking around for some time, Takeshi decided on a car. He paid for the car with some change that he had beaten out of a drunkard that attacked him yesterday, and got the keys. Pleased with his purchase, Takeshi got onto the expressway and enjoyed his new, dignified machine as he drove towards the sunset.

Rankings (Top 5)
  1. Kamaka Diamond (JHI98) 3.0 Luxe
  2. Niichi Millennium
  3. KMA K50 3.0
  4. Arion Mythos 6C-L '88
  5. Cascina Plumeria Sovrano

QFC8 Spreadsheet.zip (74.3 KB)

Some thoughts about this challenge

Some of you may have been expecting a more thorough and helpful review. I thought that I could write one too but alas, given the 140 character limit, this is all I could really write. I apologize if the review is unsatisfying and if you want more feedback I’d be very willing to elaborate further on my reviews.

TLDR, the 140 character limit is stupid and makes reviews soulless.

Thank you for your participating, and I will be looking forward to the next round!


Well, IIRC I did forget to put a cat on my engine when I updated it from an older model, and should have been instabinned. Now, since I wasn’t in the top anyway it maybe does not matter.


haha I can’t read.

I knew I should make mine with a 3 liter 6-cylinder instead of a v6. After looking at the stats, excluding comfort, it was not really bad compared to other competitors imo. But whatever happens, happens. So congrats to top 5!

If only I had used a small turbo or made my engine dohc. Oh well

Good round anyway, I enjoyed the brief. Well done to the top 5

Exactly what I was expecting. I was tempted to add air suspension with adaptive dampers (in place of progressive steel springs and monotube dampers), and add a quality point here and there to boost stats, among others - but it was a case of diminishing returns, so I chose not to do so.

Also, this is the third time I have placed third in a QFC, and I am definitely willing to host the next round if neither of the top two can (or want to) do so.

What position did my old school come in? How atrocious was it?

I haven’t decided as of yet, and the only things that I think could use some work are its styling, the size of its wheels (which makes the car look awkward), its low top speed, and its somewhat rich fuel mixture. Other than that, I feel like you’ve improved your engineering especially compared to your previous submissions.


Thanks. Lately ive been trying to improve my suspension setups more than anything. I THINK im starting to understand the fuel system a bit more than when I started, but not totally.
As for the design, I like it, but it was dated from the start. Although i did try to inject a premium look into it.

Sidenote, for some reason i cant export the car to Beamng🤔


Any feedback? This was a great challenge, tax was a cool gimmick.

How many more years had to passed for you to realize this?! @AMuteCrypt :flushed:

Such magnificent cars deserve a more pathetic review!

However, the saber worked here. I am surprised by the winners of the Challenge.

Thanks. I feel that your entry was quite unique, in that it was a liftback and that it had a solid rear axle (as Australian sedans like the Commodore probably had at the time). That being said, your engine revs a little over its limits which knackers reliability, and your engine runs on 93 RON instead of 95 which made it less powerful than it could’ve been. Comfort is low, but that is inevitable with a solid axle suspension setup.

The tax thing ended up not affecting the outcome of the challenge all that much tbh, though I am happy to know that it has made most entrants submit cars with reasonably-sized engines.

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The 140 character limit is sort of the whole idea behind QFC - being a lot simplified compared to CSR. I can understand if people does not like it, but it is still worth keeping in mind. As I see it, doing good writing in 140 characters is a challenge in itself that is a good way of training to improve the writing skills, and also, if we want something like CSR…well…we already have…CSR?


After witnessing people getting feedbacks, can I get a short one too please? Despite playing the game 1000+ hrs I still don’t know what affects what in terms of stats (reliablity, economy etc.)

There’s nothing stopping you from doing full reviews! It’s outside the round competetition so that’s not against the rules?

I’m glad I got such a high comfort, reliability, and drivability rating with such a low cost!! I wonder why the Hydrofission is the heaviest car, I don’t think I put many heavy feature in there! I did super well I think :slight_smile: