Question about 3d body

Hi guys.

I’m thinking to make a Automation Body, and the body I was make by me about 5 years back in Google Sketchup (today, called Trimble Sketchup).

I looked these video: … 5F&index=3 , and I looked that the merge parts are groups.

In Sketchup, exists the possibility to make groups of polygons, and these is my question: only importing the model into 3ds Max, texturing with the sample materials, and exporting with Kajira, works?

For me, 3ds max is difficult (and I don’t have time to learn how works this), but I know working well with Solidworks and Sketchup.

If anyone can help me, I would be grateful.

Trial and error would be the way to go.
This modding community is very young and hasnt experimented much.
All I can say is that you must try not to have triangles, as that might cause quite some issues with morphing the body.

Also, for someone starting to model, bodies are quite hard. You would best start off with a grille/vent and then a headlight and then a body when you master both of those to a certain degree.

^ Listen to this guy. I downloaded 3DS max and attempted to make a 80’s panel van, seemed simple enough… wrong! I made a ‘blob’ that looked like a van and that’s as far as the project has gone, 6 weeks later. Definitely harder to do then you’d think. The tutorials seem useful, but fly over novice heads. I don’t know your background in 3d modelling, but for me I was dumbfounded by the videos and became more confused.


I am following the advice of wizzy, and I trying to make my badge.