Question to the devs

Hello to everyone!

I’ve been watching the videos and reading about this upcoming game and let me say I’m really impressed. It looks great so far! :smiley:

This is more of an offer than a question: If possible, I’d like to help on the development of this game.

I’m a sysadmin by trade, so I know how to work in a closed development enviroment (alpha/beta testing, bug reporting, etc.) I also have some coding experience (mostly low-level C). However, besides being a petrolhead I have a minor in Transportation Design and I’m working towards getting my major in Industrial Design. So I think I have a good understanding on most vehicle internals, be it engines, suspension, aerodynamics, etc.

Anyway, if you guys feel I can give you a hand in any way please let me know.

Keep up the good work! :smiley:

PS: I don’t know if this is the right subforum to post this so if it isn’t please move it to where it belongs.


Put through an application here -

Welcome indeed! Knowledgeable people are always a welcome sight. :slight_smile: