Questions about carbs, pushrods, QS and valve sizes

Hi, I’ve got a few questions concerning carburators, pushrod engines, the quality setting and valve sizes.

1: Carbs

Will we be able to select the airflow on a certain carb configuration?
For example, the standard engine is going to have a 650CFM 4bbl, while the more powerful engine is going to have a 750CFM one.

I think the power limit on 4bbl carbs is also very low, and the octane ratings should also be a bit lower.

I hope the answer won’t be ‘Just increase the quality’.

2: Pushrod engines

I have a feeling that pushrod engines are very underpowered in this game, losing power extremely quickly.
I don’t think the dropoff is so extreme in real life.

For example, building a Chevy 454 that revs to 7000rpm without losing more than 50hp of peak power (at Year 2014), is impossible unless I crank up the top end quality setting to 10 which makes it expensive to build.

We should be able to select lifter type and individual part quality, and it shouldn’t mostly affect man hours.

3: Quality settings

Why does changing the quality setting mostly increase man hours?
Doesn’t it also imply using higher quality materials, eg. titanium or magnesium instead of aluminum?

Independent quality settings for different parts under the same category should also be implemented, especially in the bottom end where it’s usually the pistons and rods limiting the redline.

  1. Valve sizing

Will we ever be able to change the valve sizes to achieve a effect similar to cam profile settings? (Also, is ‘manual’ lift/timing control possible)

EDIT: Three more things.

  1. Fuel type confusion

In RON mode, 91RON definitely wouldn’t be Regular.
95 is ‘Regular’ almost everywhere.
91 should be low-quality (in 2014).

In AKI mode, there should be 87, 89 and 91 (Regular/Plus/Premium) settings, which are common in the US, instead of the huge gap between 86.4 and 90.3.

  1. Fuel injection

You’ve already stated that you made Single and multi point EFI when most manufacturers started using them, but I think that’s not true.
I think most manufacturers started using EFI, both single and multi point, EFI in the early 80s, definitely not late 80s/early 90s.

For example, the 3rd gen Camaro with its TBI and TPI injection systems.

It makes developing realistic engines a LOT harder.

  1. Turbos

They spool waaaay too late, almost no boost until 2500rpm unless you want the car to be limited by the turbo at 5000rpm.

First of all: The engine designer is feature complete (not content complete). So:

  1. No. Maximum air flow scales with engine size.
  2. No. Chevy has some experience with building pushrods (meaning they have tech pool points and they can make higher quality pushrods for nearly the same money/man hours). There has to be a reason for doing research in the full game.
  3. See (2), quality mostly means lower tolerances. If you have no tech pool points, you have to put a lot of work into it for better quality. If you have tech points, you can make the basic quality cheaper or better quality at the same price/man hours. Independent quality sliders: Most probably not, if you choose the right part combinations you don’t really need different quality settings.
  4. No, has been discussed to death several times (search function). Way too complex.
  5. “Almost Everywhere” is the right term. There are countries which usually use Normal/Regular fuel. In Germany, 95 RON still is called “Super” (meaning Premium) though you get “Normal” (Regular) almost nowhere nowadays.
  6. If you research it, you will get it earlier in the full game. The exact years when they are avaliable for everybody can be changed, we will see how it turns out.
  7. A turbo revamp is on the To Do list (afaik), but not high priority.

Is there a possibility of a developer version being released, with things such as a removed bore/stroke ratio lock and higher redline for people who don’t care about accuracy as much?

No, those things are locked even in the developer version. We can’t magically change these things :slight_smile: There is plenty of discussion on this here in the forums.

In AKI mode, there should be 87, 89 and 91 (Regular/Plus/Premium) <-- this is absolutely true. The only numbers I’ve ever seen in my life (and i’m 30) are 87, 89, 91 for AKI.

And here in Texas (Houston area), it’s 87, 89, 93. So… it depends where you are even in the US.

And the direct injection is from 1996-1997 with the Mitsubishi Carisma and Toyota Avensis.
The MPI injection, in 1988, my dad boughted a Opel Kadett GSI 16V, and was a Single Point Injection.

Technology will depend on your in game research and development. the more you spend the sooner you get things, but the devs have said you’ll suffer MTBF penalties for putting out engines with a large tech gap. It’ll be like the chevy vega engines. They were really advanced aluminum 16 valve multi point efi 4 bangers in the late 70’s, but totally unreliable because they were trying to put out a too complex engine for their technological means.