Hey fellas, I have a tonne of questions about the game, but will try to give them to yas in short bursts as i remember / think of them.

  1. As far as vehicle externals go, will body shells, head and tail lights and all those external bits be player moulded, or selected from lets say, a catalogue of different combinations, or do you guys have another idea in mind?

  2. What time period / eras will the game cover? Or will there be a period that you could start at from a selection?

  3. Obviously you are competing against other car companies… Will the game be region specific (lets say here in Australia the main competition during the 60’s and 70’s was Holden, Ford, Chrysler and leyland) and you mainly compete directly with local Manufactures (unless you start exporting to other markets)?

  4. Will specific eras be re creatable within the game, eg the Muscle Car wars of the 60’s and 70’s here in Australia?

  5. in relation to the above question, would you also be able to be a factory backing motorsport? Like Holden, Ford and Chrysler were battling each other on the mountain (Mt Panorama) and the saying during that period was “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday?” eg, in a muscle car boom, producing factory production cars for racing and winning would gain popularity etc.

  6. How far will the RDP aspect of the game go? will it also involve testing and road testing (provided you have testing facilities) and also things like tyres and various compounds used to make them?

  7. Would you be able to set standard and optional extras for specific model types… things like aircon as standard and all that jazz for a higher model of a specific car (For example, the difference between a Commodore Executive, Berlina, Calais)

Thats all i can pull out of my brain at the moment, really excited about this guys! (even more than WW2OL v1.31)

  1. Still debating on this, we want as much customization as possible, all the points you have listed me and daffy have discussed.

  2. 1950 to about 2020

  3. This game is mainly targeted at being multiplayer. There will probably be AI at some point.

  4. Yes

  5. Not in this release of the game, that is planned as an expansion. Got to stop the feature creep somewhere.

  6. There will be research and tech trees to develop new components for cars, manufacturing processes etc. There will be some kind of testing procedure (if somewhat automated).

  7. Yes

When I am a bit less tired, I will probably digress a bit more.

Hi, I’ve also got some questions.

  1. Will we be able to make diesel engines aswell?

  2. What about safety? Will we be able to equip our cars with deformation zones, ABS, airbags etc.?

I think that’s it for now, but I’m sure I will come up with some more questions later on.

The game looks great so far btw.

  1. Yes, but not yet. Its on the to do list

  2. When designing cars there will be an extras section, things like air con, sat nav, airbags etc will be listed there. Have not thought about deformation zones (cars are complex things, hard to cover everything). They could be covered in this extras components as well, or somewhere else more appropriate.

And how much customization player will have during interior designing? Will be player able to design it like a body, or he will be able only to be chose standard and extras?

Currently there is no plans for a full blown designer for the interior.

It will probably be a selection of options of extras, interior types, colours and finishes (leather etc)

hello guys i have just noticed your site and game looks cool. being as i have had detroit and car tycoon i loved em both i thought detroit was great yet now the graphics are pants car tycoon was too basic. i do feel your game might be a bit too technical for most tho guys. you might want to add an easy set up option for the engine and chassis and susp and other parts. then the noobs like myself to tuning and modding could start with a basic setup and when getting more into the game could change a few parts on the way in trial and error. otherwise it will only be made for car modifiers. looking at the game market there is nothing out there which would make ur game great if u put in a noob option lol… i guess tho u have to balance good easy game to use and the complexity to keep it entertaining for more than 15 mins.

zeussy do u have the detroit game? cover there subjects and try to do them better plus more up-to-date. if not i know of an emulator and where to get the adf files from i play it regular.
plus guys u need to release ur game asap. you should do a cut of point at what to add coz people will keep adding then you will never get the game completed. if a big company gets there b4 u that would be a shame.
release the game as your spec is now but ofcourse complete the polishing off bit then make a second version after when people play it and see what they want to add then. also there is an online game called automation its about a robot i think. so ur name might need tinkering with lol

I have played a bit of detroit, daffyflyer more than me.

Car tycoon was far too basic, buggy and incomplete.

For the noob option, so to speak. All components will have informative descriptions about what they do, their positives and negatives. To start with, you will be buying crate engines (and can continue to do so if you wish), as your small starting company will not be capable of building engines itself at the start. So you will not be completely dropped into the deep end.

When you change parts or settings on the engine, and do another test run. You will be displayed the current setup, and the previous setups values (well the difference in values). Such as kw +10, Emissions +15. Coloured coded for good and bad. To allow people to quickly see and learn that part may give, or not give the desired effect.

The chassis setup will be done from set templates, to which you can then change. Suspension will not be super technical. It will more be about how modern/expense you wish to spend on the car. Do you go from a leaf spring, to a coil spring. Better suspension = better ride. There will probably be an option where you can spend money/time to get your engineers to make the suspension better for that model of car, but no direct tweaking yourself.

For car body design, again that will be built off templates, such as a series of sedans which you can then pull, push, squeeze into a shape you like, you won’t be expected to create a hatch back from scratch.

We do have a concrete feature list of what is in the game for launch, and what is for the future (for expansions).

Of course we want to finish the game ASAP, but we both have full time jobs at the moment, so it makes it hard and draining.

yeah sounds good. you can put me down on the email list as soon as it comes out lol.

oh yeah and will you put the figures in engish as we have mph, mpg and bhp i dont understand kw. lol

there is a program called winuae and its great for emulating the old amiga very easy to use and u can download the adf files for detroit. hopefully ur game will be a modern version of detroit. that was a good game

I do believe there will be some kind of setting as to metric or imperial measurements :slight_smile: