Quick Fire Challenge 4

Of all the inspirarion cars only the Tahoe is on frame.

I think what Lanson means is you can use an MPV body, but don’t explicityly make an MPV-style car. I can make a low to the ground sliding door MPV-style vehicle out of a wagon or SUV body, but that isn’t what he wants. The main purpose of this is probably to avoid American MPV stigma. @Lanson I would recomend not using this as a hard rule that can result in a bin, but instead as a variable that influences styling or prestige in judging.

Does the car needs to be AWD or FWD/RWD is fine for that?

Off road ability is a one star priority so 2WD shouldn’t result in an instabin

All good questions. Let’s say that you can build it the way you want it but the family will pick the one that best suits them. Knowing the example used of winter sports and a need to get around, go from there. Body on Frame is fine if you can make it perform through the priorities. The Tahoe does it, as noted.

Realism within the context of what is possible in 2015 is fine. I don’t like being stifled as an engineer so as long as it seems reasonable, go for it. Just remember that if you’re the guy with a v12, it’s also a gas guzzler, and has higher running costs, etc. In the real world, this market varied widely in 2015ish. Actually still does today though the behemoth SUV’s are hard to swallow economically in 2022.

This is true but it quickly rules the car out unless you can find a way to get up the mountain pass to the slopes on two wheel drive. Unless someone breaks the clear rules, no bins but it will be hard to move forward as other contestants will have the better vehicle for the family. And it’s the under 140 word QFC rule so I’ll keep it simple.


In other words, the higher the environmental resistance value, the better.

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I see no one else has asked this, what’s the stance on interiors? Are the judged at all or just a nice bonus?

Secondly I notice your naming scheme is the reverse of every other challenge, is that a typo or deliberate? They usually go “QFC4 - forum name”

I’m of the opinion that QFC is too quick for interiors but I love the effort and design. I will not judge against missing ones that’s for sure.

And I probably did screw up the naming convention, plenty of room to be dyslexic in my head. I’ll fix, thanks for the heads up. Honestly either way you want to write it, as long as I can tell it’s for QFC4 I’m good.


I would agree that interiors should not be required in a Quickfire challenge. I’m working on an entry now, not too many three-row challenges!


Been a while since I entered a challenge. So why not go big?

Presenting the 2015 DMV Galleon LUX!

Own the roads you travel, no matter the destination, weather, or cargo.


Yeah I hope its different enough to entice some folks to join the fun. I’ll do my best to run it as efficiently as I can. If I spot something that is not quite right, you’ll likely see me let you know, vs. bin. I’m not really into binning unless its just ridiculous, and I think y’all know what I mean. IOW let’s have fun.


2015 HMC Voyage

For more info, click here.


That would be treated as an 8-seater combination, which improves practicality at the expense of most other stats. A 9-seater configuration (with 3 seats in all three rows) would take this even further.

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3-3-2 isn’t even unrealistic, assuming the 2 is in the front.

My reply was to Texaslav’s Fiat Multipla suggestion, thus the semi-meme is bench in the front and two in the third row. What I would call a 2-3-3 is indeed quite common.

Sometimes a true “3” in the back row is difficult due to the wheel wells intruding. A jump 2 or 3, or a small but still “full size” 2 is what I’ve found in the majority of 3-row vehicles I’ve owned or driven.


2015 Régal Peyto 3.5L

Seats 6, is incredibly reliable and very practical, top of the class safety and best of all, feel pretty prestigious with its super smooth Inline 6 290hp engine.

With a comfortable suspensions and a butter smooth drive, it can also tackle tough roads with it’s AWD system. Perfect for any north american weather and road conditions. It also comes with a premium interior and fully stylized led taillights.

This is the true successor of the early 2000s Régal Horizon minivan - now as a proper crossover because murica! Buy one today (please).

2015 BMA Bastide GT

Enjoy the journey as much as your destination, in one of the 7 real comfortable seats, cradled by the active suspension and while looking at the sky (maybe not if you are behind the wheel) trough the panoramic roof.



Shenhua Kukri

“If you have a powerful engine in your car, you can get home at night more quickly. Which means you spend more time with your children, which means they are less likely to grow up as glue sniffers!”
-Jeremy Clarkson.

Practical SUV that has everything a family needs, and a bit of punch for the dad. Powered by a 3 liter turbocharged 6 cylinder engine that produces 348 horsepower and 535 Nm of torque at 1600-3800 RPMs, that’s plenty for towing and carrying luggage for a vacation. Or passing the granny in front. Even with the trailer attached!

The Shenhua Kukri comes standard with an advanced safety system, All-Season tires and an AWD-system to ensure you and your family feel safe even when the weather turns for the worse.