Quick Fire Challenge 4

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Because someone mentioned retro…

Built pretty much like a Durango, V8, AWD, 7 seats… that whole thing.


Great work, everyone. I’m not really a binner - I’d prefer to send back an entry to fix a small thing than just throw it in the trash - and so far we’ve got some great contenders, all legit as of this moment. 6 so far.


The 2015 Ibis Bengal GT4, equipped with a 412hp V8. Y’know, for when you’ve got to get there before the snow really gets bad…


2015 Courageux Grande Tournee


i felt like the original looked a bit new for 2015, so I’ve done a pre facelift model now


The 2015 Wells Accolade

Whether the journey is short

or whether the journey is long

Through a mountain pass

or just taking the kids to class

The 2015 Accolade will get you there.


2015 Mara Rodyna 4.0 GLX

The Mara Rodyna (‘family’) 3-row MPV was a new addition to the Mara lineup in the early 2010s. The Rodyna was based upon the long wheelbase (2.8m) 3rd gen SUV (Kanyon) and ute (Bizon) platform and could therefore benefit from both the additional emphasis on comfort as well as - to an extent - the built-in off-road capabilities of that platform. It was the longer brother of the Mara Ekskurs.

Peculiarly, the 3rd gen Kanyon/Bizon/etc. platforms switched to transverse engines in the interest of cheaper packaging for the surprisingly popular FWD variants. Ordering the top-of-the-line GLX trim package and 4.0 V8 engine essentially meant ticking all available boxes on the ordering sheet. While V8 automatically meant AWD, the MPV version was - unlike the SUV and ute - available only with an open differential.

Notably, the V8 engine for the 2015 model year was carried over from the previous generation due to packaging and teething issues with the new Efektyv DOHC V8. The DOHC just doesn’t fit the 2.8m wheelbase body’s engine bay transversely; it easily fits into the 2.6m and 3.0m versions though….


Reinventing the classic that has been all over the continents that did (and still does) everything from farming to anti air defense, the new OverLander debuted in 2010 with a modern suspension setup and modern construction, leaving though the classic styling cues from the origional 1960s version. New for 2015 is the luxury towing package that includes a 9 speed transmission, 20 gallon fuel tank, and Towsafe™ that monitors the trailer, and even automatically checks the trailer tongue weight to make sure that you have not accidently made your trip dangerous. The 20 gallon fuel tank will allow for a towing range with a 27 foot SlipStream to 400 miles, and with the vehicle not towing, over 500 miles. Reliability and enviormental ruggedness were also first in thought, with the chassis being made of partial aluminum, and the panels being corrosion resistant steel. These combined materials also makes for a very safe vehicle for the whole family, no matter where they are seated. The all wheel drive setup also has the newest of electronic stability control that helps the driver in sudden dangers or, in the most awful of snow and mud, goes hand in hand with the electronic locking front and rear differentials. In the case that the only way to get in or out of a place involves an unimproved trail, the OverLander has a skid plate system to protect the front and rear differentials and suspension systems. The 5 gallon water jug on the back is also comes standard with every OverLander. Happy motoring!


2015 Apoapsis Prograde AdventureSport

Here at the Apoapsis Devision of Bazard Motors, we’ve been studying the decline of our station wagons’ sales in the US, and this has led our marketing teams to a discovery: if we just raise the ride height 50mm, add some decorative plastic to the bottom, and omit the word “wagon” from advertising, we can instantly sell 3 times as many units! which still isn’t very many please help

So introducing the all-new 2015 Apoapsis Prograde Wa-aaa- eeh… uh… a-adventure sport!

The car you need,
masquerading as the car you want.


Fantastic work, everyone. 11 entries so far. Lots of interesting takes on the wagon, crossover, SUV 3-row genre. Its a shame I’ll only get 140 words (or is it characters? Hope its at least words) per entry to share with everyone, because there’s some creative things going on.

I’m off work next week so, after the 4th, I hope to have a quick turnaround for everyone.


While we wait for entries in the next few days, here’s a few fun pics of the entrants so far:

This almost wrecked my PC, lol. Raytracing 11 cars hahaha.

The early arrivals are making their way up the mountain!


140 characters per car is the limit, not 140 words. It’s not a hard limit (unless you want it to be) but try and stick to that rough amount.


Lacam Kalahari Classic Edition

This is the fifth generation of Lacam's family 4x4. This is the ultimate evolution of a vehicle launched in 1989 intended for the family. This vehicle will allow you to comfortably cross the United States.

Powered by a powerful V6, this vehicle is above all dedicated to its 6 passengers comfortably seated in large seats.


Oh look it’s headed up the mountain already, nice!

Weiskopf AG presents:

All new for 2015

Featuring a 2.9L turbocharged DOHC boxer six with VVT and direct injection making 287 hp and 370 lb ft of torque. Capable of an EPA tested 15 mpg city and 22 mpg highway

Permanent 4 wheel drive system through a seven speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with front, rear and center locking differentials, an offroad focused air suspension, and industry leading P255/70R18 all terrain tires

Modern premium infotainment system and luxury leather interior with wood accents and optional third row seating. 5 star NHTSA safety rating and standard electronic stability control ensures utmost security.


i really couldn’t care to css this properly

2015 Völligschweben Ieniche SPI

its an SUV so :l

Its comfortable. (objectionable)

it big.


OK we’ve got 15 entries by my count so far.

Bout 9 1/2 hours to go, if you need more time lmk, I won’t be judging untill AFTER the July 4th holiday, stateside because I don’t plan on hanging around the PC. If anyone wants to resubmit, that is fine until the end of tonight.

Thanks all

2015 KST KX8 3.0

Powered by a torquey turbo I6, this luxury crossover SUV comes with AWD, lockable diffs, all-season tires, 8-seat luxury interior/infotainment, full safety suite, air suspension with active anti-roll bars… the works, basically, and all for just $60,000 AMU.


Here we go:
The list I have of entrants (and thus entered in my worksheet)


If anybody else would like to join, please message me in the next few hours with the vehicle.

Thanks all!