Quick question about Graphics card support,

Does Automation Support or benefit from Nvidia SLi and the use of twin graphics cards. Im Just asking as i Know Automation uses UE 4.27 Which i believe has some support for it but im not entirely sure as to how much. The reason i ask is i am planning on boosting my existing GTX970 With a second card and was wondering if i would get much difference as frame rate tends to dip if i play on anything higher than Medium settings, which is perfectly fine, im just Curious.

There shouldn’t be any issues with SLI and Automation, as that’s handled at a far higher level in your operating system/drivers. Though I should point out that at this time it’s outdated technology, and you’d probably get a better result just upgrading your existing single GPU.

Thanks for the information. So automation should at least Support SLi at the very least? and Yeah I am well aware an upgrade of my GPU would be a much better option. Unfortunately Personal finances being what they are, i cant afford to upgrade at the moment, so im going for the option i can afford while saving up for a much better option later down the line.

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Like I said, SLI is handled much deeper in your OS than at the level that Automation can, so it should work without any issues - as you mentioned being on UE4 means that most of these things are a non-issue for us.

Thanks for the info and the explanation. Much appreciated!